Sprucing up your office with a new layer of paint can have an incredible impact on your clients and employees. A professionally painted office exudes professionalism and quality which are all deciding factors for any client. After all, the overall look of your office is a reflection of your business.

Another important reason to carry out an office wall painting project is to improve your employees’ wellbeing and productivity. There is a wealth of information that talks about the impact that colors have on people how it affects their moods.

There are many reasons why splashing your office walls with a fresh coat of paint is beneficial, but with the time and cost factors that are involved with a project of this magnitude, there are a few things you need to know before executing a wall painting project.

Here are a few reasons that you should consider before undertaking an office wall painting project 😀

Client perception

Your clients are more likely than not to form an immediate opinion about your business upon seeing your offices.

This is true of all of us. We’ve all had moments where we’ve gone into a store because it was eye-catching and we’ve had similar moments where we’ve formed an immediate negative opinion of a business based on the look of their offices or office building.

Having a freshly painted office gives your clients the impression that you’re a reputable company.

So before your start painting your office take some time to think about the overall image you want to portray to your clients and if your choices are going to add to that image or hinder it.

Professionalism is key

Don’t go overboard with the colors you choose. At the end of the day, you’re trying to project an image of professionalism among your existing and potential clients 😀

You can also choose different color palettes depending on the different areas of the office. For instance, if you’re painting a game room or the place where your employees wind down and relax, select colors that compliment the room’s purpose.

If you’re carrying out an office wall painting in an area that is frequented by clients then hold off on overly bright and adventurous color palettes and stick with shades that speak more to your professionalism.

Also, consider the industry that you’re operating in. Specific colors and styles may make sense in one industry but might be completely inappropriate in another sector.

Finish with style

Apart from the colors you select, it’s also important to consider the finish.

Paint that gives a high gloss finish is perfect for reception areas and conference rooms as it helps to elevate the space. An added bonus is that the glossy paint is also quite easy to clean and will last longer.

Pro tip: Before you start painting, always apply a primer. It’ll give your walls an even surface and reduce the number of top coats you need to apply.

Enlist professional help for your office wall painting project

Commercial painting is a specialized part of painting therefore getting the right professional painters to help complete your project is important.

A professional painter will have experience and expert knowledge in the various intricacies of the painting process. From colors to types of paint, they will be able to guide you through the complete process and give you valuable advice on how to proceed.

You can focus your time and attention on other aspects of your business while your office painting project is in good hands with the professionals.

Get Started on your office wall painting project today!

Starting on an office painting project can be quite stressful. From selecting the right paint, color palette, and everything else in between can take up a lot of time and commitment.

So before you put the paint on the wall, we hope you take some time to consider the important factors we’ve mentioned that go into any painting project.

If you’re looking to add a fresh coat of paint to your offices, then be sure to hire the right professionals so that your office looks appealing to your clients and your employees.