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    Gutter cleaning is one of those household chores that no one likes to do but is very necessary nonetheless. Cleaning your gutters of debris prevents water from overflowing onto your wood trim and ultimately causing rot.  Gutter cleaning isn’t too complicated, but it’s also not too fun or safe to do yourself. And if you’re not a fan of heights and dirty work, leave it to J Brown Painting ; we provide some of the best gutter cleaning services in San Diego. We’ve got the ladders, power washers, shop vacs, and liability insurance to get the job done quickly and safely. We’ll remove any debris in your gutters, allowing water to freely flow to your downspouts. We’ll also shoot high pressurized water down your downspouts to ensure they’re working properly so you don’t have to worry about overflows onto your wood trim or walkways. If you’re looking for a quote or more information about our gutter cleaning services in San Diego, please contact us today on 619-356-0830 or complete our contact form!

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    • Kristi Caietti

      Needed our gutters cleaned in San Diego and Justin did an amazing job! Showed up on time and was very efficient. We have tried many different gutter cleaning companies in the San Diego area, but will definitely be using Justin again for anything else we need to get fixed up!

    • Brianne N. – P.B. East

      We recently used J. Brown painting do some work for us in North PB. What started as a small interior and exterior painting job, expanded to power washing and gutter cleaning as well. Justin did a great job. He was very easy to work with, thorough, and offered competitive pricing. Once this COVID19 has settled, we have some more painting we'd like him to do inside and will certainly recommend him to others.

    • Aaron Pedersen – San Diego, CA

      Justin quoted me the best price for gutter cleaning and was able to squeeze me in his busy schedule the following week! I was pleased with the work and the overall process.