Cabinet Painting San Diego

Expert Cabinet Painting in San Diego

Are your cabinets outdated? Maybe you want more of a beachy feel? Or maybe they’re chipping or stained with grease.  We can take care of all of that for you! Because cabinets get so much traffic and are often the focal point of a room, we use top of the line materials and don’t skip any steps when painting them. Our detail-oriented and methodical approach to painting cabinets prevents paint drips, ensures longevity, and is what sets us apart from our competitors.

If you’re tired of the way your kitchen cabinets look, you don’t have to pay to have a new kitchen installed. Save money and give your kitchen a facelift by having your space transformed by our experts who specialize in cabinet painting in San Diego.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

For most projects, we start by lightly sanding any varnish or sheen that is currently on the cabinets. Once that is finished, we wet wipe down the dust caused by sanding and then apply Zinsser’s B-I-N Shellac-Based Ultimate Stain Blocking Primer.  After the primer has dried, we lightly sand the primer coat to ensure that the top coats adhere effectively. After wet wiping down the dust from lightly sanding the primer, we apply two to three coats of Dunn Edwards’ Aristoshield, an ultra-premium enamel formulated with advanced water-based urethane alkyd technology for an oil-like finish.

If you’re looking for professional cabinet painting in San Diego, contact us today on 619-356-0830 or complete our contact form!

  • Kristin A – Pacific Beach East

    Justin and Jeff absolutely TRANSFORMED my cabinets from an outdated and boring bare wood to a modern, beachy feel. I love it! My whole kitchen feels new. Thanks guys!

  • Dave T – Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

    I can’t recommend these guys enough! I hired them to paint my entire interior. I was especially impressed with what they were able to do with the cabinets. They were covered in grease splatter and dark smudges. Now they look fresh and have a nice sheen to them so they’re easy to clean and less prone to moisture damage.

  • Amy R – Point Loma, San Diego, CA

    I was impressed with J Brown Painting’s attention to detail. They didn’t just slap some wall paint on my cabinets. They sanded the heck out of them, primed them, and put on some sort of water and oil hybrid paint! It’s supposed to be more durable. No complaints so far!

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