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    When you have drywall damage such as nail pops, water stains, and warping, you can’t just hide it under a coat of paint. The defects will be very visible. For any type of drywall repair, you want to hire a skilled professional to correct these imperfections first.

    From repairing plaster cracks and decay damage to fixing drywall nail pops and water damage, at J Brown Painting, we offer professional drywall repair services in San Diego. Whether it’s fixing a large hole in your drywall or filling a nail hole, J Brown Painting is here to help!

    Hockey puck put a fat hole in your wall? “No balls in the house means no pucks either!” Maybe you upgraded from ceiling fans to central air conditioning and now you’re left with holes in your ceiling? Maybe your doorknob caused an unsightly hole in your drywall!

    Whatever the case, don’t fear! Our experienced crew has the drywall expertise and tools for the job. We can then prime and paint over the drywall patch to blend it in, so you don’t have to hire both a drywall contractor and a painting contractor!

    Why Choose Our Drywall Repair Services?

    For most holes in the drywall, we start by removing the damaged drywall. We then measure the hole and cut a new piece of drywall to size, all the while being very careful not to cut any existing wires or pipes in your drywall. Next, we add a backstop so the new drywall patch doesn’t fall through. Once the backstop is firmly positioned between two studs, we add our measured piece of drywall into the hole. A joint compound is then applied over the patch. Once that has dried, we sand the rough edges to smooth out the joint compound. The next step is the trickiest and can require lots of experience: applying a layer of texture to match the surrounding wall texture. Finally, we prime and paint the patch, carefully blending it in with the rest of the wall like it never happened!

    Let our drywall repair specialists take care of the damage while you focus on your daily grind. If you’re looking for a quote or more information about our drywall repair services, please contact us today at 619-356-0830 or complete our contact form!

    • Lionel S. – La Mesa West, CA

      We had an electrician do some work and our rental and his shotty drywall patches didn’t match the rest of the wall! I found J Brown Painting and Cleaning Services with a quick Google search and am happy to report that the solid reviews are accurate! I was impressed by their ability to match our rough texture of our walls.

    • Sally F – Northwest Ocean Beach

      So happy I didn’t have to get separate bids from both drywall guys and painters! Justin and his crew can do drywall work and paint. That is what really sold me! I can’t even tell where they patched. I’ve already recommended them to my sister!

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