Have your office spaces and commercial buildings seen brighter days? Are you a hustling real estate owner on the sunny side of San Diego, who is worried your commercial locations are lacking that wow factor?

Whether you are a property owner, facilities manager, or landlord to a particular commercial location, you know the look of your site matters in attracting customers.

So, what better way is there to spruce up those chipped, dull-looking walls and fading paint than adding a splash of color to them—a touch of fresh paint can make your space look more professional and friendly!

A good makeover even goes the extra mile of hiding the age of your building and those imperfections, which are an eyesore. 

That said, the results of an outstanding paint job will entirely depend on the team of professional painters you hire for the job. 

Here’s where things can get tricky.

Choosing the right team for the task can be challenging, especially if you’ve never really had any experience managing any sort of renovating project. 

If you are looking for some direction for commercial painting in San Diego, here’s a list of my best tips and secrets to find your dream team.

Experience matters 

One piece of advice I constantly share with my clients when they are getting ready for a massive renovation project is to treat it like their baby. 

This allows you to make sure that only the best of everything is invested in your property—including the team of painters. 

Commercial painting in San Diego requires a different set of skills compared to residential painting, as the requirements and workload of painting a commercial property are different than painting a residential building.

So, if you are looking to save a buck by hiring a not-so-experienced painting company expecting a neat, quick finish, you’re most likely to end up with a shoddy result that will cost you extra to fix. 

If you want my professional opinion, look for a company that has been in this line of work for quite some time to get the best results for your project. 

Do you research

When painting commercial properties, quite a bit is at stake—considering the amount of work that needs to be done and how much could go sideways. 

For this reason, make sure the team you hire is one that you can count on. 

To find your crew, ask for references from your partners and commercial clients. 

Even go the extra mile and drive to some of the recent projects the recommended painting companies have completed to gauge the standard of their work.

Also, be sure to inquire about their overall reputation and check out their online reviews on Google and on their own website—if they have one. 

License and registration 

This seems like a no-brainer, but oftentimes many overlook the importance of making sure the painters they hire have the necessary license and insurances—California requires painters to be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

Any reputable and organized company will make sure that their painters are protected with the appropriate insurance should any accidents occur. 

Not only will you not be held accountable if something were to happen to any of the painters, but will also not be responsible for any of the damages caused on the property by the crew. 

Share your estimates 

Be open and honest with the team you are hiring about how much you are willing to spend. This sets your contractor and you on an equal footing and leaves no room for guesswork.

Obtain as many quotes as possible from reputable sources to guarantee you get your money’s worth. 

Before signing on the dotted lines, make sure to run through your labor costs, material cost, timeline to make sure all sides are content.

Hire the best for commercial painting in San Diego 

Take the stress off your shoulders by hiring professional painters that will take the utmost care with your interior and exterior painting projects

Hire a crew that can complete the work according to your specifications, on time, and within budget, and enjoy watching your property transform into a beautiful landmark!

Good luck! 👍