Business owners and landlords usually find themselves caught up with the more functional improvements of a building such as tinted windows, installation of energy-efficient appliances, and regular building maintenance. 

What they often overlook is the fact that the actual outward appearance of their building is the first impression that clients judge their business by. 

The exterior of a building can impact everything from employee motivation and business reputation to your brand image. That’s why a professional commercial exterior painting job is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost these factors. 

That said, building owners often make the mistake of underestimating the prep work needed to take on a commercial exterior paint job. 

Let’s explore the common mistakes you may make that leave a nasty, costly stain instead of a gleaming paint job on your commercial property.

Skimping on the preparation 

If you thought revamping your building means just applying paint onto your walls for that wow factor, you couldn’t be more wrong. 😀

Your prep needs to correlate to the results you’re after when it comes to your exterior painting, which means you need to invest the necessary time and effort into preparing your building surface for paint. 

Whether you are painting your commercial property from scratch or enhancing your building with a new look, a thorough inspection of the project needs to be done. 

What many DIY enthusiasts fail to consider when it comes to painting a commercial property is that to get the results you expect, an understanding of the structure and its flaws is vital—it can also help you take the proper steps when preparing your surfaces.

This preparation may include pressure washing, repairing surface damage, removing old paint, checking for lead paint, patching up holes, caulking, and sanding down rough surfaces. 

This is where it helps to allow the professionals to step in. Not only do they save you time and energy, but you also have the guarantee that you’re leaving your property in capable hands. 

The wrong use of tools and paint

While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest paint and cut corners when it comes to purchasing tools, this can have disastrous consequences. 

By compromising the quality of paint for a cheaper counterpart, you leave your walls at risk of flaking, rusting, and other costly damages. 

The benefit of hiring a pro for your commercial exterior painting job is that they will not only look into the quality of the paint, but also see to its durability and ease of cleaning. 😀

Just like there are certain paints meant for certain surfaces, the same rules apply to the tools used to paint a building. 

To ensure that your building has the right coverage and the right finish, you have to know which pieces of equipment to use. 

With their years of experience, you can rest assured that when you hire a licensed painting company your building will be left with outstanding results that last the long haul. 

Painting in less than ideal conditions

To get the results you expect when revamping the look of your commercial property, the paint job needs to be done under ideal conditions.

In extreme weather conditions, your paintwork won’t adhere to your surfaces well, which will lead to cracks, blisters, and paint bubbles—all of which are unappealing and a hassle to fix. 😀

Outdoor painting may also be tricky depending on the climate of your area. To avoid a bumpy painting project, professional painters go to great lengths to make sure that the surface of your building is prepped and ready to be painted on. 

Painting your surfaces in ideal weather can make a huge difference in the final result you enjoy, so make sure you don’t rush to get the paint job done during less ideal conditions.

Hire the experts and stay at the top of your game with your commercial exterior painting

Your property deserves the best attention, and hiring experts in the industry can give your property what it needs.  

Don’t hesitate to contact commercial painters in San Diego who are dedicated to delivering stellar results for your painting jobs. 

Good luck! 👍

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