Ever heard the saying all roads lead to Rome? When it comes to painting services most clients arrive at the same conclusion, the process remains the same for both types of paint. Right? 😀

Not quite so. The painting industry distinguishes between commercial and residential painting as two different lines of work that require a different set of skills and expertise. 

While both services may have the same goal and similar prep work methods, the increased square footage of painting commercial properties makes this work more complicated.

Not to mention, the number of employees you will need on the job, along with the type of equipment, cans of paint needed, and time allotted to complete the task before its deadline. 

Here are some of the main differences between residential and commercial painting projects that will help you factor in the best decision when hiring the right professional painters. 

Budget and labor requirements 

Residential painters usually charge their services at either a flat or hourly rate, whilst commercial painters set up a rough estimate or a suitable payment structure, including a security deposit after inspecting the overall work needed. 

With commercial painting, the chances are that if you are pleased with the outcome of the job, you may hire them for recurring service requirements.

Where labor is concerned, commercial painting projects require more workers on the job with the proper expertise and who are equally diligent. 😀

Commercial painting companies employ a larger workforce as they have more surface area that needs to be covered. On the other hand, residential painters require a handful of experts on the go—in some cases, these projects turn out to be fun DIY projects. 

Equipment and Experience 

Commercial and residential painters rely on different types of equipment to get the job done. Because residential projects are smaller in comparison, getting your paint supplies is not that big of a hassle. 

Materials like your paintbrushes, rollers, painting trays, drop cloths and step ladders are the standard shopping go-to list that residential painters will use on the job. 

While residential painters have more freedom in being creative with the type of artwork they aim to recreate in your home, the type of paints used is categorized by their base being; oil-based paints, water-based paints, or latex-based paints. 

The residential painting also uses different types of sheen or paint finish when renovating your space. These range from glossy to flat— glossy paints being shiny, reflect the most light while flat paints absorb light which covers up little imperfections interior. 😀

On the other spectrum of the paint scale, commercial exterior painting requires professionals with broader experience, that know their way around different types of surfaces. 

With the amount of experience and knowledge they have gained over the years, these experts know exactly what equipment they require from pressure washers, sandblasters, and paint sprayers to aerial airlifts and A-grade paints. 

Depending on the type of surface, experts at commercial painting know how to exactly prep the entire space and make sure that the paint that is applied is not only uniform but also able to withstand harsh climates and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Scheduling of projects 

Residential painters mostly strive to work around their client’s most convenient and available time. While they have their regular work hours, they can agree with the customer and work out a flexible schedule that leaves both parties satisfied. 

Commercial painting companies may have to stick to a more strict schedule when it comes to completing their tasks while also dividing work amongst workers. This is to avoid any sor t of delays or setbacks that would cost them extra. 

Commercial painters will also have to consider favorable weather patterns that will allow them to work best and get the most done within the time frame given. 

Hire the right professionals for any type of paint project

The bottom line with both residential and commercial projects is to make sure that their customers are completely satisfied with attractive and fully furnished painted surfaces. 

If you are looking to get the best out of the professionals you hire, don’t hesitate to dig up more information. 

Good luck! 👍

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