While a majority of the stores now have an online platform, retailers tend to overlook the significance of improving their stores’ aesthetics. 

Color may seem like an insignificant detail in the grand scheme of consumer buying behavior. But, studies have shown that customers look forward to the immersion experience, and the appearance of the store and the colors that they see play a vital role in their buying decisions. 

This gives retailers more reason to offer their customers a world of excitement that they can enjoy during their shopping sprees. 

Unlike residential painting, for commercial properties like retail stores, it all comes down to who your customers are and what they are looking for. 

Before diving into which colors we recommend you should apply to help influence customer buying habits, here are some criteria that will help narrow down the color themes. 


Customer characteristics—A thorough analysis should be done on the demographics, lifestyle, and personality traits that your business will cater to. For example, is your target audience is a younger, carefree crowd or a more high-end, luxurious audience.

Company mission—understand the objectives and aims towards which your company is headed. Whether it is to be the most ethical, eco-friendly company, or deliver top customer service, let your business image and its colors reflect company values. 

Don’t underestimate the impact a touch of color will have on your profits and an upper hand over your competitors. Here are my tips for making sure the aesthetics of your store painting represent the overall reputation of your business. 

Choose colors that target well

Although it may seem trivial to bring this up, most retailers on their mission to reinvent their image find themselves in quite the muddle of trying too hard to draw attention. 

This may lead to them misleading or confusing their audiences of what they aim to offer and whom they are delivering their products and services to. 

A basic understanding when it comes to color complementing is that colors include three components; hue, value, and chroma. 

Hue is where your color fits on the light spectrum between red and violet. Value is chosen level of brightness and the level of vividness found in color. High chroma colors look vibrant and energetic, while their lower counterparts are more faded off and washed-out looking. 

Color choices 

Keep in mind when it comes to store painting you have to choose colors that fit well with the brand, logo, and company message style. 

Authenticity is the key to making your business memorable, gaining more traction, and generating more sales. 💰

These colors are helpful to make successful color combinations. 

Shades of Blue 

Being a friendly and more relaxed color, blue is an excellent choice for creating soft tones or even as a backdrop color choice. 

Shades of blue on store walls can give shoppers a more relaxed and at ease feeling when picking out their items. 

Shades of Red 

Red is a color that your customers cannot overlook, and because of its unique quality, you can be sure that attention will be given. Consider all those items that have gone on sale; what about those posts that made them stand out? 

If you want to make a bold statement and show off your company’s fierce side, this is the color palette to keep in the mix. 

Shades of Green

If you are looking to add a refreshing touch to your space, this color has just the right vibes to it. 

Its inviting and earthy sense allows your customers to be more open-minded and persuade them to make a purchase. 

A go-to color when trying to push for more eco-friendly and sustainable representation that businesses make use of. Go the extra mile in being creative with this color and find out how to make it stand out. You may be the next Starbucks!⁇ 😀

Practical steps to take when store painting

Once you have decided on your color combinations, it’s all about hiring the best crew for the task. 

Discuss your vision and expectations, and watch as the magic unfolds. To get the best investment out of every dollar you spend, make sure your commercial painters in San Diego for the task are reliable, dedicated, and well-suited for the job.