Wood painting can be a hit or miss depending on how you approach the task. If you don’t possess the proper skills or experience when it comes to painting wooden fixtures in your home, you might find yourself questioning the best shades to use.

If you’re looking for a tasteful aesthetic for your wooden fixtures, here are some wood painting services trends that best suit wood this year.

Elevate the aesthetic of your home by following the newest wood painting services trends for 2023, approved by the painting professionals themselves, and watch your home exude calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Shades that are calming and neutral

Soft, neutral colors work well on interior and exterior wooden surfaces as they give any space a warm and inviting feel. 

Neutral colors also create a great backdrop for most decorations due to their subtle hues. Blush-beige is one such option that you can use this year to paint wooden surfaces and fixtures in and around your home.

Shades that are inspired by nature

Moss green is in. The natural hue of this color, especially when it’s matte, provides a luxurious vibe thanks to its gray undertones. This particular shade of green complements any type of wooden surface, regardless of the texture. While a matte finish can give the wooden surface or fixture a refined look, moss green works well in any sheen.

If you have a lot of heritage-inspired pieces in your home, moss green is the ideal shade to add a more contemporary feel to the whole ambiance, while forest green or a desaturated olive green gives an aesthetically pleasing yet modern appearance to any wooden surface and can create a feeling of tranquility and renewal.

Shades that are saturated 

You might be skeptical about using certain shades that are bold, but painting a surface with a daring shade such as a bright, raspberry-inspired shade can exude positivity and joy.

Although wooden kitchen cabinets with a more organic finish are gaining popularity, you can try incorporating bold shades into your kitchen by painting certain segments of the cabinets in such shades.

How can you maintain the aesthetic of newly painted wooden surfaces in your home with the rest of the decor?

Don’t overdo it. Let the newly painted wooden surface be the centerpiece of your home. You can choose certain pieces of furniture and decor to complement the fixture.

Make sure that the shade you pick to paint the wooden surface doesn’t clash with the color of your furniture or the colors used on the walls of your home.

Lighting is another factor that’ll impact the appearance of a newly painted wooden surface or fixture. Whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, the way it hits a surface will always influence the overall ambiance of the room.

To ensure that you get just the right balance of lighting and the perfect color scheme for the wooden fixtures in your home, enlist the help of a professional service that specializes in painting wood to guarantee you get the best possible results.

Wood painting services in San Diego can elevate the appearance of any wooden surface

Painting wood requires a certain level of skill and expertise to ensure that the paint job lasts as long as the life of the paint while protecting the surface from water or weather damage.Get in touch with the best painters in San Diego and inquire if they can offer wood painting services to revamp the wooden fixtures in your home with the most appealing hues for the year 2023.

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