At first glance, pressure washing can seem like a simple task that may even be considered a DIY project, but it requires a trained hand to ensure that the surfaces are washed properly.

While a high-pressure hose is used to remove dirt, grime, and other debris, it requires a skilled professional who knows the exact settings of a power hose to use on each surface, the types of nozzles, and the specific cleaning chemicals.

If you want to get the exterior of your property power washed, when enlisting a pressure washing service in San Diego, make sure they operate according to the below dos and don’ts of undertaking a pressure washing project.

Dos of pressure washing

1. Do start with the widest spray angle

Professionals will always inspect the surface before cleaning it with a pressure washer. Starting with the widest spray angle on a surface will reduce the chances of it getting damaged.

This spray angle is used due to it having less power, giving more control over washing the surface. If the debris and dirt don’t seem to wash away with this setting, a narrow spray angle can be used.

2. Do change the nozzles correctly

Before changing a nozzle, the excess water needs to be released before switching from one nozzle option to the other. 

Expert pressure-washing contractors know exactly which nozzles need to be used and when they need to be replaced depending on the severity of the dirt and contaminants on the surface.

3. Do conduct a test wash 

Professionals will always test the pressure strength and the nozzles used on an old piece of wood or trial surface before attempting to clean anything.

This way, certain settings on the pressure washing hose can be adjusted accordingly and any nozzles can be replaced with more suitable ones that can provide a thorough cleaning.

Don’ts of pressure washing

1. Don’t get too close

As the name suggests, pressure washing involves water being dispelled at an extreme force. Expert cleaning contractors will always stay at least 6 inches away from the surface that’s being cleaned.

If the dirt doesn’t seem to wash off the surface, they will change the spray angle and nozzles instead of getting close to the surface with the pressure hose.

2. Don’t use pressure washers at a height

Cleaning contractors always ensure not to use pressure washing equipment to clean roofs and gutters, especially when standing on a ladder.

The force and power of a pressure hose can easily throw one off balance and lead to serious accidents, especially when standing on an unstable and unprotected ladder.

3. Don’t forget to take precautions

Contractors who specialize in San Diego pressure washing services will opt for gas or electric pressure washers. A precaution that should be taken when using a gas pressure washer is to ensure that it isn’t run for long periods which can result in overheating.

When using an electric pressure washer, cleaning contractors will always use a machine that comes with a 25-35-foot extension cord and will refrain from using multiple extension cords to prevent electrical accidents.

San Diego pressure washing services provide top-of-the-line cleaning solutions

Get in touch with painting companies in San Diego and inquire whether they specialize in pressure washing for both residential and commercial properties.

Investing in San Diego pressure washing services will ensure that your property is well-maintained for a considerable amount of time.