Weather-resistant paint is a crucial component of any exterior wall painting project, whether it’s a commercial building or a residential building. Such paint protects the wall paint from decaying due to weather elements. These paints are specially formulated to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors, including rain, wind, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures. 

The exterior of any building or house is what people see first, so their first impression will be based on the appearance of it. If the exterior looks cracked with peeled-off paint, the value of the building, commercial or residential, can decline due to the lack of maintenance. This is important to note if you’re planning on selling the property in the future. 

It’s clear that how your commercial or residential building looks on the outside has a huge impact on various factors such as curb appeal, market value, and so on. Therefore, in the spirit of prioritizing maintenance, in this blog post, we’ll explore 3 reasons weather-resistant paint is important for exterior wall painting.

1. Protection from the elements and UV resistance 

Paint that’s resistant to weather must be used on exterior walls primarily to shelter them from weather-related damage. Walls can get damaged over time by rain, wind, and snow, which can result in paint cracking, flaking, and peeling. Over time, paint can discolor due to UV radiation from the sun.

Since UV radiation is a phenomenon that weather-resistant paints are made to withstand, their color and brightness will last far longer than with conventional paints. This is crucial since conventional paint might start to fade and look old after only a few years in locations that receive a lot of sunshine. 

You can ensure that your walls continue to look pristine for many years by using paint that’s made to withstand weathering. 

2. Durability and lower maintenance costs

The improved ingredients in weather-resistant paint produce a strong, waterproof barrier on the surface of the wall, shielding it from deterioration brought on by moisture, sunshine, and other environmental elements. Weather-resistant exterior wall paint may extend the life of the wall by offering a long-lasting protective covering, hence lowering the demand for pricey maintenance. 

Walls that are left exposed can swiftly degrade, but since such paint promotes durability, you’ll be able to achieve a long-lasting finish. Additionally, by reducing the necessity for frequent repainting, weather-resistant exterior wall paint can help reduce repair expenses. 

This kind of paint can also last longer than conventional paints because it’s made to endure extreme conditions, which over time, will save you money on supplies and labor.

3. Energy-efficient

Weather-resistant exterior wall paint can be particularly helpful in San Diego, where the environment is often warm and dry. It can help minimize energy consumption related to air conditioning. Heat transfer through the walls can be lessened with the use of paint that’s weather-resistant due to its insulation qualities. 

This can lessen the need for heating and cooling and result in energy saving by keeping the interior of the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, high-quality paints that are weather-resistant help prevent moisture damage to the walls. 

The insulation qualities of the walls can be maintained, increasing energy efficiency, by keeping them dry and clean.

Always choose weather-resistant paint when painting your exterior walls

As exterior walls are more prone to damage by weather elements and other damaging components, it’s important to choose high-quality paint that’s weather-resistant when painting your exterior walls. This allows the walls to be kept in good condition for years to come. 

Professional painters will have experience using such paint and will also know the best types of paint that are weather-resistant and should be used on your property, so it would be helpful to hire professional painters to give your property the revamp and protection it deserves.

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