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    Residential exterior painting—more than just a paint job

    Our homes are an extension of ourselves; they reflect what’s important to us.

    They’re also our most valuable asset. A great-looking home is not just beneficial for our mental health, but it can also add money back into your wallet if you choose to sell.

    Improving the exterior face of your home not only improves its curb appeal but also how you feel about it!

    The good news is that exterior house painting is the easiest way to go about this. In our experience, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of a difference.

    Preparing your exterior surfaces for paint

    Although painting is a relatively straightforward task, you have to prepare the exterior of your home prior to painting it to get the best results.

    As professional painting contractors, we spend most of our time prepping your surfaces for high-quality paint projects!

    In our experience, we recommend that you start by sanding down the entire painting surface, including walls, windows trims, and door panels, to make the surface uniform. Sanding will get rid of peeling, flaking, and cracked paint from your surfaces.

    You also need to seal the cracks in your walls with a sealant or putty to make the surface smoother. Wash the exterior to get rid of specks of dust and dirt from the walls.

    Finally, mask windows and door trims with painter’s tape and apply primer to the surface and let it dry before painting.

    How to paint exterior windows

    Painting exterior windows and window trims require more care and precision compared to your walls.

    We usually paint exterior windows after painting walls and other surfaces because it’s cleaner and quicker compared to painting both simultaneously!

    Use painter’s tape to cover window trims and glasses to avoid unsightly paint spills before you start painting your walls.

    Once the paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape from the windows and start painting the wood. You can achieve even better results by using a wood primer!

    How to paint brick walls

    Painting a brick wall is trickier compared to painting drywall because the surface can be uneven and dirty.

    We usually don’t recommend painting brand-new brick walls because they need at least a month to cure. Once the bricks are cured, wash your brick wall to remove dust and dirt.

    With drywall painting, you can get a good finish without using a primer. For brick walls, however, you need to use a primer to enjoy a high-quality finish.

    You may also need heavy-duty synthetic brushes and high-nap rollers to paint the surface, as it can be porous and rough.

    Once you have everything, start painting exterior brick walls to give your home an all-new look and feel.

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    • Michelle B - Mission Beach, CA

      “Justin has worked on my home, my sister’s, and my next door neighbor’s! We all had a fantastic experience. Best painting company in San Diego”

    • Rebecca B – Pacific Beach, CA

      You can stop searching, Justin at J Brown Painting is your go-to guy for anything house painting, window washing, power washing, stucco patching, and even gutter cleaning. We've used him for literally all of these services! At first, we were concerned because he looks so young. But, within 5 minutes of meeting him, we could tell he knew his stuff. We were impressed that he would work 10 hour days and how tansparent he was with his prices, and didn't try to sell us on stuff we didn't actually need. 10/10, would recommend :)

    • Trish M – La Jolla, CA

      As promised, we're working with J Brown Painting again to paint the exterior of our house. And couldn't be happier. :) Same nice, professional guy doing an exceptional job! It's hard to find a good painter in San Diego. Justin and his team are everything you'd want in a contractor: timely, friendly, dependable, and affordable. And clean! We worked with him to paint the interior of our old home, plus the kitchen cabinets and recently had him clean the windows of our new home. We plan to use him again to paint the inside and exterior of our new home soon too. Highly recommend!

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the exterior painting process?
    Like any good paint job, there is a certain amount of prep work you should do before dipping your brush into the paint bucket to get the best result.  Usually, the prep work involves sanding down the surfaces of your home, including your walls, window trims, and door panels, sealing any cracks in the wall, washing the exterior to get rid of dust or dirt, masking window trims and door frames with painter’s tape, and applying primer to your walls. Finally, you can start applying the paint. If you follow these steps, we guarantee that you will have a beautiful home once the paint is dry.
    What time of year is best to paint the outside of my home?
    We recommend that you paint your home in early summer or early fall as there are minimal fluctuations in the weather and temperatures. This will allow the paint to dry and cure properly.
    Should I power wash my home before I paint it?
    Power washing your home allows you to get rid of the gunk, debris, and cobwebs that may be there. Washing off all this dirt before painting allows the new coat to adhere better with the surface and gives a much more even finish.
    How long before the rain can I paint my home?
    While the dry time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity in your area, it takes around 12 hours, on average, for exterior paint to completely dry. So, if your forecast says you’ll receive rain within 12 hours, it’s better to wait until you get clear skies.
    What causes exterior paint peeling?
    Peeling paint is a common problem that many homeowners face, and in most cases, it’s the result of poor adhesion.  Exterior walls go through a lot of harsh conditions as they are constantly exposed to environmental elements, dust, and smoke. This can lead to abnormalities in the walls, which can lead to poor adhesion when you’re painting your exterior walls. Another reason for peeling paint is moisture in your walls, which during hot days can cause blisters, and ultimately peeling