Selecting the best paint for your home’s interior and exterior walls is critical in enhancing the beauty and value of the property. Many companies manufacture paint products of different qualities— ranging from average to premium paints. What you need is a manufacturer that provides high quality paints with a thickness of at least 4 mils.

Below is my expert opinion on various paint brands.  Based on my experience, the two best paint companies right now are Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams.  Their paint is thick (and thus durable), has a good hide (covers well), and has a warranty. Both manufacturers also have knowledgeable staff when it comes to paint tech related questions, and are fantastic at matching color from a paint chip or even another manufacturer’s color.

Dunn Edwards Paints and Sherwin Williams

Is Dunn Edwards a good paint brand?

Dunn Edwards ranks among the top paint producers in the US. Since 1925, the company has been manufacturing different types of high-quality paints. Its collection comprises premium interior and exterior paints and primers. Dunn Edwards also offers primer shields and industrial-level paints to satisfy San Diego consumers’ painting needs.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial painting project, Dunn-Edwards paints are always a professional’s number one choice. Here’s why you should choose this brand:

  • Weather conditions in the Southwest can get extreme. From the salty air in California to sudden bouts of heat waves, Edward-Dunn paints are formulated to withstand the harshest climates worldwide.
  • Edward-Dunn prides itself on its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Each batch of paint is made out of the highest quality raw materials without any compromises, guaranteeing you a perfect can of paint every time.
  • Products are manufactured using low amounts of energy and minimal material wastage while avoiding the use of harmful ingredients that don’t have any negative effects on the environment or one’s health.
  • With over 95 years of success, Dunn-Edwards paints have been the number one paint choice of professionals and still continues to carry the legacy of being the most trusted brand of paint throughout the Southwest.

Dunn-Edwards client testimonials

From homeowners to commercial lots, here’s what people had to say about Dunn-Edwards paints.

  • “Dunn-Edwards does a really good job of taking care of our needs. Any issues that come up, they’re on top of it, whether it’s the reps or the guys in the store. Everyone’s really attentive and easy to deal with.” – the owner of a single-family home from Hollister, California.
  • We were looking at a lot of strong accent colors and some very tall walls. I knew I could trust their EVEREST product to provide the coverage and holdout for sheen. Other brands simply strike too much. That holdout saves you having to put up a 4th or 5th coat, which saves you labor time” – Operations manager of a corporate headquarters in San Francisco.

If you’re looking to buy high-quality paints for your next painting project and are wondering if Dunn-Edwards is a good paint brand for you to invest in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the painting professionals at J Brown Painting Services in San Diego for a consultation.

Sherwin Williams

The Sherwin Williams paint company was founded in 1866 and has been rolling out a wide range of interior and exterior paints, stains, and primers for various painting jobs, ranging from DIY and commercial projects. There are also Sherwin Williams paints for the architectural integrity of newly designed houses and contractor jobs.

Sherwin Williams provides a great range of paints suitable for almost all types of surfaces and their offering range from paints and primers for residential projects to paints and coatings for commercial use.

Go over these key points before you decide to go ahead with Sherwin Williams paints for your interior or exterior painting project.

  • Offers over 1,700 interior and exterior color options which extend to multiple paint lines they have.
  • Their line of specialty paints is water-based, designed to be used on doors, windows, and trims. These paints can withstand frequent cleaning and don’t yellow like oil-based paints.
  • The price point might be higher than most popular interior and exterior paint brands in the market.
  • Sherwin Williams paints are known to be quite thick in consistency, so it is advisable to apply thin coats when painting.

Sherwin Williams client testimonials

Here’s what professional paint contractors had to say about using Sherwin Williams paints:

  • “Our preferred painting vendor is Sherwin-Williams unless a client prefers otherwise. They offer precise color matches, extremely high quality, and have been long-lasting partners with us for over 15 years.” – Paint contractor from Columbus, Ohio.
  • “Sherwin-Williams provides excellent durability, clean-ability, and fade resistance.” – Paint contractor from Connecticut.

For a wide selection of paint colors and easy washability, Sherwin Williams can provide you with quality paints for a slightly higher price point. Contact J Brown Painting services for a consultation.

Benjamin Moore

Another bigwig in the paint-manufacturing industry, Benjamin Moore, delivers premium paints and coatings for your property. Established in 1883, the company offers stand-alone, high-performance products that combine in-house resins and BM’s proprietary Gennex colorants. Their paints also feature authentic colors that give your walls note-worthy beauty that lasts for years.

Benjamin Moore is known to provide top-of-the-line paints that are specially formulated for any room in your home. From stunning interior paints to humidity-resistant paints that are hugely popular in bathroom painting to fade-resistant exterior paints, Benjamin Moore has it all.

Refer to these key features that are consistent with Benjamin Moore’s paints to find out if it’s suitable for your next paint project.

  • Not only are the paints zero-VOC and eco-friendly, but Ben Moore paints are certified as asthma and allergy friendly.
  • You have the option of choosing from 7 different paint lines that are curated to meet the needs of your home.
  • While Benjamin Moore paints provide excellent coverage, they lack color uniformity. A color from one shade can sometimes not match the next.
  • If you’re looking for a wide variety of colors you might not be able to find an extensive range as Benjamin Moore has quite a limited selection.

Benjamin Moore client testimonials

Professional paint contractors share their experiences using Benjamin Moore paints.

  • Benjamin Moore is a quality brand that we trust. The “best” bathroom paint is Aura Bath and Spa by Benjamin Moore. Aura will prevent mildew and cracking from extreme moisture.” – A Connecticut-based painting company
  • “Benjamin Moore’s mission is to create the best-performing paint. They put the very best ingredients in the can and price it accordingly. The paint has a tight film, so there is no place for dirt or stains to stick.” – A paint dealer based in Massachusetts

If you’re considering switching to a more sustainable paint brand with zero-VOC, Benjamin Moore paints might be the brand for you. Consult J Brown Painting services for a professional consultation before selection.

BEHR Paints

Albeit a relatively newer paint company, BEHR is another leading paint manufacturer in America. Opened in 1947, the company produces top-tier primers, stains, decorative finishes, and surface preparation products. Among the things that distinguish BEHR are their consistency in quality and determination to meet the varied needs of their clients.

BEHR Paints offers a reputable selection of interior and exterior paints that guarantee excellent coverage and long-lasting durability. With over 1,400 color options to choose from, you’ll find it easier to tackle any interior or exterior paint job.

Take a look at the key features that are typical of BEHR Paints before starting your painting project.

  • Flat, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss paint finishes are available throughout the entire range.
  • Affordable, easily accessible, and boasts a zero-VOC paint line.
  • Some paints belonging to their premium selection may require more than one coat.
  • BEHR Paints don’t have anti-bacterial agents incorporated into their paints which may increase the chances of mold growth.

BEHR Paint client testimonials

Here’s what paint experts have to say about using BEHR paints

  • “Users like the color options, fade resistance, and inclusion of primer in the formula” – Consumer Affairs website
  • The paint holds up over time and is versatile enough to coat multiple surfaces from walls to wood and even rusted metal. It boasts an even finish, but it is more costly than other brands.’ – A review from a home guide website

Affordable and easily accessible, BEHR paints are a brand that you can pick for your next painting project if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly yet quality finish. Make sure you speak to the professionals at J Brown Painting services to help you in the selection process.

Invest in the best paint for your home

Selecting the best type of paint for your interior or exterior painting project can leave you feeling even more indecisive than before. Take your time and research as much as possible before making your decision.

Contact San Diego’s paint experts for an in-depth consultation in choosing the best paint brand that will suit your requirements.

Best value interior

Sherwin Williams

Dunn Edwards Spartawall

This is a quality scrub-resistant paint; perfect for your San Diego interior painting projects. Dunn Edwards’ Spartawall is ideal for both commercial and residential structures. It has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content to prevent allergic reactions and respiratory issues. The paint has no odor, it is stain-resistant, and lasts for years. Here are a few more things you should know about Dunn Edwards Spartawall.

  • Dunn Edwards Spartawall paint is self-priming on new drywall for interior walls and even ceilings.
  • A gallon of Spartawall can cover 350-400 sq ft depending on the surface conditions and application techniques.
  • The average drying time for a coat is 30-60 minutes and can be recoated in 2-4 hours depending on the humidity.
  • Dunn Edwards Spartawall paints should not be applied when temperatures are below 50℉.
Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Sherwin Williams’ Super Paint is an ideal selection for interior house painting projects in San Diego. It is manufactured ready for use. The Sherwin Williams’ Super-Paint line comes in four sheens: flat, velvet, satin, and semi-gloss. Apply the flat and velvet to cover imperfections, the satin for a more vibrant look, and semi-gloss for areas that are frequently cleaned.

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra paints suit homeowners looking for consistent uniformity and hassle-free application on walls, cabinets, and other furnishings. It is a water-based, acrylic paint with no foul smell. It is also perfect for allergic DIYers in San Diego or users with respiratory problems or odor sensitivity, as it has super-low levels of VOCs. It’s a ready-to-apply paint that dries within an hour.

Benjamin Moore Ben

The ben collection from Benjamin Moore offers excellent value for the quality when working on interior walls. Consumers can use it “as is” with short drying time. The paint features zero VOCs and comes in three different finishes that include eggshell, semi-gloss, and flat. It’s an affordable painting services for San Diego residents.

Best Value Exterior

Dunn Edwards Paints

Dunn Edwards Spartashield

This exterior acrylic paint from Dunn Edwards has extra versatility and durability. With effortless application, householders and contractors have an easy time undertaking their San Diego exterior painting jobs. It releases no odor, has negligible VOC content, and is suited for both industrial and residential properties. Here are few more characteristics and benefits of Dunn Edwards Spartashield

  • Provides good color retention and efflorescence resistance and can be used on properly primed concrete, masonry, stucco, tilt up and metal surfaces.
  • It can even be used on property primed or previously painted rough sawn wood surfaces. 
  • A gallon of Spartashield can cover 375-425 sq ft depending on the surface conditions and application techniques.
  • The average drying time for a coat is 1-2 hours and can be recoated in 4-6 hours depending on the humidity.
  • Dunn Edwards Spartashield can be used at temperatures of 35℉.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Sherwin Williams uses Advanced Resin Technology to ensure that this durable, dirt-resistant paint has impressive adhesion, color retention, and hide. The paint is peel-, blistering-, fade, and crack-resistant, enhancing the beauty and longevity of your exterior walls. Consumers can choose  satin, flat, gloss, or high-gloss sheens and enjoy over 100 color options of SW’s Super Paint that match their taste.

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra (stain-blocking)

BEHR’s PPU Stain-blocking paints give your exterior walls superior finishes than most competitor options. The paint is 100% acrylic and works perfectly for different wall materials, such as concrete, metal, wood, vinyl, and brick. It also comes in three finishes: matte, gloss, and semi-gloss. Manufactured using Nanoguard technology, this paint has extra resistance to mildew, sunlight, and fade, giving your walls a long-lasting aesthetic finish.

Benjamin Moore Aura

The Benjamin Moore Aura collection makes your exterior walls sparkle for years, thanks to its enhanced durability, flaking- and crack-resistance, and mildew-proof properties. This water-based acrylic paint is application-ready and dries fast. San Diego householders can choose from four finishes, including matte, low-luster, gloss, and semi-gloss.

Considering painting or repainting your home? Hire the best house painting professionals from J Brown Painting & Cleaning Services. We serve the entire San Diego area with high dedication to providing excellent services. We offer affordable and timely services without compromising quality. Feel free to request for a quote for painting or exterior house cleaning related services.