House painting in San Diego is one of the most popular and effective ways that homeowners can enhance the style and curb appeal of their home.  New exterior paint helps protect the house from weather by keeping the surface protected from water and the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Repainting your interior can make your house look and feel updated, while fixing years of wear and tear.  Because of the high demand for painters, there are many of us available, and we charge different rates for our services. It is essential to understand that higher rates do not always translate into higher quality paint jobs.  Painters who ask you to pay exorbitant prices for their services may disappoint you by not delivering the quality you would expect for what you paid.

You can get a high quality interior or exterior paint job on a budget by following the tips below. 

Opt for spraying and back rolling

If you can’t quite afford two coats of paint, ask the painters to give you a bid to spray and back roll. Spraying is usually the quickest way to get paint on to a house (saving you money), but immediately back rolling really helps work the paint you just sprayed into the surface more efficiently than just spraying alone. The benefit of working the coating in further is that it will help promote better adhesion between your coating and the substrate, and enhance the final look.  Additionally, it will help smooth down raised fibers that may occur when applying coating to a drywall repair contractors.

Be flexible with color schemes

Almost any area that can be sprayed versus brushed and rolled, will save the painter time, which saves you money. Our favorite way to save people money without sacrificing the quality of the job is suggesting that the eaves of the house (the part of the trim parallel to the ground) match the body of the house. This allows the painter to spray the body and the eaves all in one shot, without having to cut a perfect line with a brush, or have to mask.

Consider having the sides of the window trim (not the face of the window trim) painted the same color as the body. This is called “facing off” as opposed to wrapping. This will save the painter time, and save you money without compromising the quality of the paint job. 90% of homeowners wouldn’t notice the difference between wrapping and facing off the window trim unless you pointed it out to them. See an example in the picture below.

facing off

Painting is more about protection from water and the sun, than it is aesthetics. With this in mind, to save on cost, consider keeping your house the same color as it is currently. It takes a quite a bit longer to paint your house a different color, especially if you’re only paying for one coat of paint (although we usually recommend two). If you have a heavy stucco contractors San Diego design on your house, that stucco has to be painted from at least four different directions in order to get paint in all the nooks and crannies and properly cover the previous coat of paint. Therefore, it’s even harder to cover if it’s a different color.

Offer to leave them positive reviews on Google, Nextdoor, Yelp, Etc.

Positive customer reviews are critical, and a lot of painters know that. They improve our credibility, help customer find us, and they also create customer loyalty.  When you’re getting a quote from a house painter, offer to leave positive reviews for them on Google, Nextdoor, Yelp Facebook, and other platforms in exchange for a discount. Providing you with a small discount in exchange for a positive review may be worth it for them.  Also, if they know you will be posting a review, the painter may spend extra time making sure their work lives up to your expectations, hoping they get that 5 star review from you. Yelp Facebook Google

Let the painters pick up the paint

Once you choose the painter you want to hire, allow them to get the paint instead of doing it yourself.  Not only will that save you time, but offering to supply the paint yourself will actually cost you more, as painters usually get a huge contractor’s discount.  Typically, homeowners usually pay twice what a painting contractor does for the same gallon of paint.  With that said, make sure that you choose a trustworthy painter or at least ask for the materials receipt, so you can be sure they actually bought the grade of paint you were charged for.

Be flexible with timing

You may be able to save money on a high-quality paint job by waiting for the slow season to paint the interior or exterior of your house. Even though we enjoy amazing weather in San Diego year-round, the winter months tend to be slower, especially for exterior paint jobs. Many painters may offer a hefty discount just to secure a job during their slow period, which works to your advantage. If you can be flexible with your timing, wait until the winter months and you’ll get the same high-quality paint job and save some money.

Additionally, if the painter can sneak you in on a weekend, they may give you a discount then too.

Let them leave a lawn side in your yard

If your painter is offering San Diego exterior painting services, allow them to leave a lawn side in your yard to promote their company. Painters rely on referrals and the lawn sign tells your neighbors you approve of the painters work. Some companies will give you a small discount for providing another channel to promote their brand to your neighbors.

exterior painting services

Feed the painters. Enough said!

I haven’t met a single person that does not appreciate a free meal.  Whether it’s lunch, a snack, or a cold drink on a hot day, any painting contractor you hire will greatly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.  While they may not give you a discount for providing a meal, they will be more motivated and energized to deliver a high quality paint job in return for your kindness. You can ask them the type of food they prefer the moment they start the painting process and then surprise them with lunch or a snack they’ll like.  I haven’t met a painter that doesn’t appreciate a free meal and in turn, repays that generosity by ensuring their work is top-notch.


Don’t be afraid to put your negotiation skills into use whenever you and your painter are deciding on the final price of the paint job. Tell them what you want to pay and ask if they can swing it; you might just get lucky and pay less than their initial asking price.  If you employ this strategy, you must be decisive and take advantage of discounts offered, by making a decision within 24 hours.

Hopefully, this article will help you get the premium interior or exterior paint job you are looking for at a lower rate. In San Diego, you can always get in touch with J Brown Painting & Cleaning Services when you are looking for quality house painting at a competitive price. We provide affordable rates and top-notch work that is completed on time and on budget.

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