As a hotel owner, you know how competitive the hotel industry is, especially when summer or the holiday season rolls in. Your potential guests will have many other options to choose from, so unless your hotel really stands out, it may go under the radar.

It only takes a second for people to make an opinion about a hotel and decide whether they want to stay there or not, and this is why a good first impression is important. While the quality of service is fundamental, appearances also matter a lot when trying to attract hotel guests.

The appearance of your hotel may act as an indicator of whether or not it’s worth the price; however, improving the appearance of a hotel isn’t easy and there’s a lot that needs to be done.

One very effective way to improve your hotel’s inner and outer appearance is by giving it an attractive new paint job. Bear in mind, however, that painting a hotel is far more complicated than painting a home.

Here are some tips from luxury hotel painting companies in San Diego that can help you get the best out of your hotel’s new paint job.

Think about your guests

Before you get started on your hotel’s paint job, you need to think about your guests. Unlike commercial properties, like retail stores, hotels run 24/7 and serve customers at any time of the day.

This means that there won’t be any after-hours during which you can have painters working in your hotel. You’ll have to do the painting project while the hotel is fully operational.

Naturally, no hotel guest would want to make their way around painting equipment or be around freshly painted walls for that matter, and risk getting any paint on their clothes. You’ll need to find a luxury hotel painting company that can work stealthily around your hotel guests.

Alternatively, you could try sectioning off the part of the hotel that’s being painted and providing different routes through the hotel for your guests so that they can navigate around the area with ease.

Finish necessary repairs

If your hotel needs any sort of repairs, fixing them should be your first priority before getting any surfaces painted. 

Make sure any damaged walls and other kinds of damage are taken care of before the painting job begins; otherwise, they’ll show through the fresh paint and you may need to repaint and retouch the surface–this will lead to some unnecessary costs, which you could have easily avoided.

Painting your hotel after all necessary repairs are done will improve the outcome of your hotel’s painting project.

Pick the right color scheme

Painting a hotel isn’t just about making the building look pretty; you need to choose colors that communicate a message to your hotel guests. 

The color scheme you choose for your hotel should match its brand and give your guests an idea of what kind of services they can expect. Depending on the type of experience they’re looking for, guests may respond differently to various color schemes.

For instance, if you’re running a high luxury hotel, you’ll want to use a more grounded color scheme and avoid using loud colors. Currently, many hotel guests prefer neutral and earthy colors that can instill a sense of calm.

If it’s economically feasible for you, you could try changing up the color scheme every few years based on the painting styles that are trending.

Use long-lasting paint

For your hotel’s exterior, you’ll want paint that’s not just attractive but durable too. Weather can damage paint, and a hotel with a weather-beaten exterior paint job will not attract customers.

The same applies to the hotel’s interior. Hotel lobbies are high-traffic areas where guests and staff could come in contact with the walls, causing smudges and chipping. By using high-quality interior paint, you can ensure that your hotel’s interior paint job will remain blemish-free for a long time.

Work with a luxury hotel painting company in San Diego

If you want to reap the maximum benefits out of your hotel’s new paint job, a commercial painting contractor for luxury hotels can make all the difference. They know the latest trends, have the best painting equipment and they always promise a perfect job.

Get in touch with a great luxury hotel painting company today!

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