Reasons you should consider investing in hotel painting services

Why hiring reputable hotel painting contractors is the best decision for your hotel

Maintaining a certain occupancy rate determines the success of your hotel. As the owner or manager of a hotel, there are certain aspects that you need to pay special attention to.

The overall appearance of a hotel and its level of appeal is what your guests will be greeted with as soon as they check-in. To retain the curb appeal of your hotel, hiring commercial hotel painters might be the best long-term investment you can make.

Improving the aesthetics of your hotel with the assistance of a professional hotel painting contractor that specializes in hotel painting services can improve your guests’ experience as well as increase your hotel’s profitability.

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    What do professional hotel painting contractors offer?

    Whether the hotel is a small resort or a large, multi-storied building, giving your guests a welcome they will remember is a crucial part of their experience when staying at your property.

    Here’s what the professionals can offer your property.

    Transform your hotel space with a fresh coat of paint

    Not only can a professional painting contractor enhance your hotel property with a fresh coat of paint but hiring a professional also guarantees that your property will have a brand-new feel to it while retaining the specifics of your brand.

    Professional hotel painters can instantly transform your hotel with the skills that they possess to make your guests feel valued.

    Improving the appeal of hotel rooms is essential as well. Hotel painters can redesign guest rooms by painting them in calm and relaxing hues and murals for a unique touch.

    Prioritize your brand with excellent workmanship

    Reputable hotel painting services go that extra mile and either help you establish or reestablish your hotel’s brand image. Expert hotel painters have excellent workmanship and innovative ideas that can be incorporated into your brand.

    Following through with an expert consultation with professionals can help you come up with a new hotel concept that stands out from your competitors.

    There’s no better way to transform your hotel than with J Brown Painting

    Hotel painting may sound like a daunting project to hand over to a painting company. That’s why you should always make sure that you go ahead with a contractor that possesses the necessary skills to tackle hotel painting services.

    Our crew of experienced painters knows exactly how to give your hotel that perfect paint job that you have envisioned.

    From our meticulous prep work to top-of-the-line paints and materials, you’re guaranteed to have your hotel looking good as new. In addition to excellent workmanship, we’re licensed and insured and ensure that your requirements are met every time.

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    What our customers love about us

    • Michelle B - Mission Beach, CA

      “Justin has worked on my home, my sister’s, and my next door neighbor’s! We all had a fantastic experience. Best painting company in San Diego”

    • Rebecca B – Pacific Beach, CA

      You can stop searching, Justin at J Brown Painting is your go-to guy for anything house painting, window washing, power washing, stucco patching, and even gutter cleaning. We've used him for literally all of these services! At first, we were concerned because he looks so young. But, within 5 minutes of meeting him, we could tell he knew his stuff. We were impressed that he would work 10 hour days and how tansparent he was with his prices, and didn't try to sell us on stuff we didn't actually need. 10/10, would recommend :)


    Are touch-ups or repaint jobs better for hotels?
    This entirely depends on the different areas of the hotel. Hallways may have frequent scuff marks that can be touched up, but if you notice discoloration or chipped paint on larger wall spaces, you might have to repaint them.
    Is the quoted price for hotel painting services the out-the-door price?
    Yes, 98% of the time, the quoted price would be the final amount. We have no hidden taxes and charges. We are completely transparent about our pricing and processes.
    Do you spray on or roll the paint?
    We spray on or roll the paint, or both, depending on the project. We are happy to bid the job out both ways at the client’s request. We’ve found that the best medium is to spray and backroll. Spraying the paint saves us time, which saves you money, while the backrolling promotes better adhesion. This method is truly the best of both worlds.