A resolution you might have come up with for the new year is to finally get about revamping those kitchen cabinets. 

You’ve finalized the look, decided the budget, and all you need now is to start the kitchen cabinet painting journey. 

In my experience as a professional painter, nothing frustrates and saddens me more than taking on a customer who is in a frantic state because their previous contractor did their side of the deal poorly, leaving it up to us to re-work their mess. 

Paying a good chunk of your money for poorly painted cabinets is a terrible feeling, but this could be easily avoided if you ask all the right questions.

To evade this predicament, here are my go-to questions to ask any contractor you are about to hire to paint your cabinets. 🙂

Do you specialize in cabinet painting?

You may be surprised as to why this question should be asked, but kitchen cabinet painting is a niche service that requires you to pick painters with the right expertise.

When you hire painters that have made kitchen cabinet painting one of their specialties, the likelihood of you ending up with a stunning-looking kitchen is much higher. 

Not every painter that seems to be a jack of all trades can guarantee you a high-quality paint job, so it’s best to ask the contractor about the amount of experience they have with cabinet painting. 

Is there any proof of previous cabinet painting projects?

Even though most painting contractors can take on a cabinet painting project, not all who work on cabinets can deliver standards that meet your expectations.

That’s why before a settlement is agreed, it’s best to ask your contractors for their portfolios of prior projects they’ve completed.

This will help you get an idea of the skill level of your preferred painter 😀

Take your time in choosing a contractor that’s both able to provide samples that back their claims on working with kitchen cabinets as well as one who is dedicated to making your dream kitchen aesthetic a reality. 

In addition to project portfolios, your most reliable form of input into which contractor to pick will come through customer reviews. 

Be sure to take a minute to investigate the feedback of other customers before you seal the deal.

Can you describe your process?

Don’t be afraid of how forward this question may seem. Any professional painter worth their weight in gold will be delighted in being open with their customers about their work processes. 

Inquiring about their process doesn’t require you to be an expert. So, set aside any intimidating feelings that may set in. 

Questions like whether they clean, prime, and then sand kitchen cabinets can help you avoid less-than-ideal outcomes.

Be sure that after you’ve questioned your contractor and their team, you’re left at ease and more confident about who you’ve handed the responsibility of taking on the project. 

Are you fully licensed and insured? 

Before allowing anyone to start working your cabinets, check to see if they’re fully insured and licensed. 

A cautious and committed contractor will make certain that their team is covered with the appropriate liability coverage.  

Ensuring that your contractor and their employees are fully covered also guarantees that any injuries that happen on the job don’t lead to you paying medical bills out of your pocket.

Choose the right team for your kitchen cabinet painting

Transform your kitchen by picking the right cabinet painter who knows all the tips and tricks to give your space a makeover, making it a place you enjoy whipping up delicious dishes in! 🙂

Be sure to hire a team you can trust and rely on to help you grasp straws when it comes to selecting the best kitchen cabinet painting ideas.

Have fun and all the best! 😀

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