At the heart of every beautiful home is a busy kitchen. 

A kitchen is a place every homeowner spends time in and it’s one of the most used spaces in every home, so why not give the good ol’ kitchen a little makeover?

Now, by makeover, I don’t mean giving the interior walls a fresh new coat of paint; I’m talking about giving your kitchen cabinets a spiffy new paint job 🙂

The cabinets are some of the most prominent parts of the kitchen and giving them a new coat of paint will give the space an aesthetic that’ll make you proud to work in it.

So let’s take a look at five great kitchen cabinet painting ideas to give your kitchen cabinets a great new look!

How to paint your kitchen cabinets

Before we get to some kitchen cabinet painting ideas, here’s a quick rundown on how you should go about painting your cabinets.

Step 1: Take the cabinets apart

Carefully take apart the cabinets at the hinges, doors, drawers, and lay them down on a wooden rack (you could make this by placing a ladder on top of two stools).

Step 2: Clean up

Now you need to give the cabinets a good cleaning to remove any grime or dirt (and kitchen grease) on them. Use trisodium phosphate (TSP) to clean all parts of the cabinets and wash them with water, then leave them out to dry.

Step 3: Apply primer

Once the cabinets are dry, it’s time to apply some primer. Make sure you let it dry completely.

Step 4: Sand and caulk

When the primer is dry, use sandpaper to carefully smoothen out the primer and use caulk to fill up any gaps you may notice.

Step 5: Painting

The cabinets are now ready—time to get painting!

Now that you know how to prep your cabinets for some color, check out these five kitchen cabinet painting ideas!

  • Glossy iron black 

Black is a fabulous color for kitchen cabinets. They can give your kitchen a classy and sophisticated look while being a relatively inexpensive, flexible, and simple style to use.

To give your cabinets a nice glossy black finish, I recommend using black milk paint. This will give your cabinets a gorgeous industrial black-iron look, which is retro yet elegant, adding a vintage appeal to your kitchen.

  • Happy and homely yellow

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Yellow is a good color for any kitchen. It’s a color that’s known to make people feel happy and relaxed and perhaps even a bit hungry!

Paired up with white wall paint, yellow can bring out the charm in your cabinets. You could also try painting your upper cabinets brown and the lower ones in a sunny shade of yellow, giving your kitchen a fun and homely, old-school country kitchen appeal.

  • 1950s pink

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Pink was a popular color for kitchen cabinets way back in the 1950s when retro pink kitchens were all the rage.

Pink isn’t an obvious color choice for kitchen cabinets these days though it has a retro and playful appeal that can give your kitchen a joyful atmosphere. 

For this look, you should use a light shade of pink like baby pink or powder pink, and maybe even try a two-toned style by painting your drawers in pearly white and your cabinets in pink.

  • Grey and dark blue combo

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Grey alone is a nice color for kitchen cabinets though pairing grey with a shade of dark blue can give your kitchen cabinets a regal look.

You can paint your upper cabinets navy blue and your lower cabinets in a shade of grey, or you could mix up the colors and get a nice bluish-grey color that’ll look great when paired with pure white wall paint.

  • Powder or periwinkle blue fantasy

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Powder blue is a very soft color that’s pleasing to the eye, which can give your kitchen cabinets a warm and whimsical feel. Periwinkle blue is a bit darker but still looks great when paired with grey or white wall paints.

Both these shades of blue have a fairytale aesthetic to them with just a pinch of retro.

If you’re going for a powder blue paint job for your kitchen cabinets, you should try an all-blue look by painting the walls in a lighter shade of blue.

Add a new dimension to your space with new kitchen cabinet colors!

The humble kitchen cabinet can add more appeal to your kitchen than you think, with just a simple paint job.

These cabinet painting ideas will spruce up your kitchen cabinets and revamp your kitchen.

Don’t stop at these five ideas though, try mixing them up to create your unique look, and consider giving your home a new interior paint job to complete the makeover.

Good luck!

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