The value of your home can be influenced by many things, like its location, size, modifications, and historical significance. What many don’t know, however, is that even a home’s paint job can affect its value.

Exterior paint colors can have a surprising effect on a home’s value, they give potential buyers an idea of the quality and leave a good first impression.

If you’re planning to sell your property, you may not need to make any expensive and time-consuming modifications to its structure; just a new paint job to boost its value would do 🙂

Before you start picking some new exterior paint colors, let’s look at how exactly paint colors can affect the value of your home.

The current trends

Housing trends change all the time and this includes painting trends. 

Certain exterior paints which were popular the year before might just not be very sought after today. For example, yellow was a color that could have potentially raised the value of your home by $1,300 back in 2016, but today, it could lower your home’s value by $800 or more.

Of course, once-popular colors could make a comeback someday, but it would be a better idea to stick with the paint colors that are currently trending.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is a big selling point for a home and the color of the exterior paint can have a huge impact on the selling price.

Higher curb appeal will naturally make your home more valuable and certain paint colors can help in this regard; when I say ‘certain’ colors, I mean those that suit your home specifically.

Even if the color you choose is trending, your location and the colors of your neighboring homes are painted in may not complement it. 

For instance, a powder blue home may not fit well in a locality where most homes have neutral color exteriors; this could lead to your home having less value because it stands out too much.

The best thing to do is to pick a paint color that is both popular and complementary to your neighborhood and landscape.

Now that we have an idea of why paint colors influence your home value, let’s see which colors you should consider trying out for your home (and which ones you should avoid).


White is the safest color you can pick; it’s simple and blends in with many other colors.

One interesting effect that white paint can have on a home is that it can make it appear bigger and grander; pair it with dark-colored trims for an elegant look!

Even though white is a standard color, there’s no denying that it can boost your home’s value.

exterior paint colors


Brown is another common exterior paint color that blends nicely with many landscapes and rarely ever clashes with other colors.

Chocolate brown is one of the most popular colors of 2021 and it goes well with warm accents like light grey or beige. Since this color is trending, it could give any home a nice bump in value.

Storm grey

This beautiful color goes well with any home design and would look amazing with white trims! Just like brown, this dark shade of grey fits well into most landscapes.

With contemporary becoming a major housing trend, storm grey is a color that can work well with minimalist contemporary home designs; home buyers looking for a modern looking home would pay top dollar for this color.

Now here are some colors you should stay clear of:

Avoid bold, loud colors

There’s a reason why purple or hot pink aren’t often used for exterior paint jobs; they stand out too much and clash with other colors and surroundings.

While green is a trending color, dark shades of green may not look very good for a home’s exterior. Lighter shades will work better.

Black paint works great for doors. As an exterior paint color? Not so much. Black exteriors look good for a gothic-style home, but this is not a welcoming color and most buyers might not find it pleasing.

While these colors are fine in their own right and you can certainly try them out for your home, they could put a dent in your home’s value. So try to stick with more neutral colors if you’re planning to sell.

Exterior paint colors—a great way to add value!

If you’re getting ready to part with your home, give it a new paint job to make it irresistible to potential buyers 🙂

If you’re not sure which paint colors to use, get in touch with exterior painting services in your area.