If your walls are looking a bit drab and lacking personality, adding a mural to them is the perfect way to strike a balance and bring them to life. 

The uniqueness of murals is that they can usually be seen across a single wall or be used to decoratively envelop the room. Whatever effect you are looking for, from bold and graphic themes to more minimalistic and subtle ones, there is an ideal mural to suit your home style.

Moreover, murals work across different media, this could be professional and skilled artisans, licensed decorators, or even digitized wallpapers to create a mural effect. 

Before you hop on the trend wagon, one thing that you should keep in mind to carefully consider the mural you are eyeing as it should match the aesthetics of your home. 

Whichever mood you are vying for, here are some suggestions that will help you paint interior walls with the right murals.

Single out your dominant colors to workaround 

If you have narrowed down your mural ideas, the next step you should look into is the color your walls will be. 

The color you choose is a charming way of captivating the visuals present in your room. A pro tip I tell my clients is to go for either an eggshell or matte finish to paint interior walls with; this way, the light doesn’t reflect off the mural. 

Another way of making your murals stand out is by creating a layering effect. What I mean by this is that you can incorporate your murals onto a three-tone or two-tone wall, which results in the interior being muted and giving off a more dramatic effect. 

Make sure the murals you put up don’t overshadow or look cluttered next to the dominant color of your room. 

Exploring different finishes of the same hue with more monochromatic schemes can add more character to your space and even give the impression of your rooms being wider. 

Create a pleasant visual journey

Painting interior walls by adding a mural can improve neglected spaces into becoming the focal point of your home. 

A reason why wall murals are a big trend is that they are a work of art that is sold in panels; this means you will not have to worry about wrinkles or air bubbles being formed. 

They set a certain atmosphere and are great for your living rooms, bedrooms, and stairways. The chosen room to which you add your murals can create a sort of fantastical world that will leave those that enter them intrigued and memorized. 

Wallpaper murals are also known to be customizable, ensuring that yours is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. While they can be duplicated and inspire another homeowner into using something similar, you can rest easy knowing that there will never be another space like yours. 

Consider room size and placement

If you are dealing with a small room, avoid setting up dark, mystical murals as you are likely to feel more cluttered and closed in. Instead, brightly colored and oversized murals can give the impression of a bigger space. 

Generally, when you paint interior walls, you will need to choose a mural that will resonate well with the furnishings so that nothing feels out of place. 

What’s more, you will have to pick between painting murals on all your interior walls versus one wall accents. 

Single murals generally draw attention to a specific area of the room, while having a mural on every wall can make one have a more immersive experience. 

Still unsure about the right murals that will suit your home?

It’s perfectly normal to be on the fence about painting your murals—but that’s when it’s time to call for reinforcements.

If these tips haven’t given you the answers you’re looking for, you can always ask a painting pro. 

If, on the other hand, you’re still interested in a DIY project or would like to learn more about what paint colors make your rooms bigger, feel free to check out some of my other posts 🙂

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