A fresh new paint job might be just what your commercial space needs to bring in new customers. Compared to other ways of giving a commercial space an upgrade, like new architecture or new furniture, a fresh coat of paint is a more cost-effective alternative.

Now you might think that painting your commercial paint will be as easy as getting a few gallons of paint and some brushes and doing it yourself, but this could lead to costly mistakes. 

A commercial painting project needs to be done professionally, and your commercial space’s new paint job should be able to reflect the quality of your brand.

Here are a few painting mistakes that could potentially spell bad news for your business.

Asking  your employees to take on the job

For some business owners, asking their employees to take on the painting job might seem cost-effective, but there are many things wrong with doing this.

Commercial painting isn’t something that will be on your staff members’ list of responsibilities, and they will likely not have any experience with tasks like this.

Painting is a job that will require people to climb ladders and work in an area with paint spills and other hazards. This could put your employees at risk and lead to liability issues that could mean you paying a huge amount of money in damages.

Additionally, allowing an inexperienced person to take on a paint job will lead to mistakes, like an uneven coat or messes. This may force you to hire a professional just to fix these mistakes.

Failing to comply with regulations

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to comply with certain regulations when painting your commercial space. These laws regulate the type of equipment and paint you can use when the painting project can take place and the required safety equipment.

Failing to comply with these regulations may lead to major fines and penalties, so it’s important to look into them thoroughly before starting your paint job.

Unexpected delays

Planning to paint your commercial space during periods of bad weather could slow it down considerably.

Poor weather can not only delay your paint job, but it can also ruin it. For instance, a sudden downpour can completely undo the progress you made; this is a major problem many people face when painting exteriors.

Also, some painting contractors could have their work spread thin due to other projects. If you don’t communicate your business’s schedule with them properly, there could be clashes between their work and business operation, leading to delays.

For a business, delays can be very expensive. They won’t just cost you a lot of money, but also your business’s productivity.

Hiring the wrong contractors

Getting a commercial painting contractor to handle your business’s paint job is the best approach. You save time, avoid mistakes and give your walls a professional touch.

The problem is, not every contractor is the same, and some may not give you the same promise of quality as others. Hiring a contractor without proper research could potentially hurt your business.

Some contractors may not even have general liability insurance. Because of this, if any painter gets injured, their medical bill will not the covered by an insurance policy and you may have to pay out of your wallet.

As a way of cutting costs, some commercial painting contractors hire inexperienced workers and use poor-quality paint and equipment. This will result in tacky work, delays, and even damage your property due to negligence.

Hire a true professional painting company for the job

A new paint job can bring the best out of your commercial space, but it should be done the right way. By choosing to work with a good professional painting company, you can avoid many common mistakes, save time and money, and get the job done with finesse.