Ever heard of color combinations that sound absurd yet intriguing? Figuring out how to best bring out your personality through your home can be quite a puzzle. 

One shade may seem too bland, two shades are always a better option, and three is elite but with so many options and varieties, this may also take a turn for the worse. 

Bold statements of color choices are definitely for those who have an adventurous and quirky side to them. 

Whether you are looking to go for interior painting that is more glamorous and noticeable or for something coastal, chic, and rich, here is my inside scoop on eccentric color combinations that might just work. 

These options do not have to be limited to just your walls; you can take it a step further and mix and match these combinations with your furnishings. Give your home’s interior that pop of color that will liven and make your house a staple of the block. 

Navy blue and blush pink 

Blue has become the king of colors when it comes to interior painting. No matter the shade, a hint of blue now rings through almost every home.

Why wouldn’t it? Blue is a versatile color and does an excellent job of blending effortlessly with your surroundings. This makes navy blue quite a bold option to add to your home—this is a color with a mission to make a statement.

Navy blue is a more classic hue of blue with a hint of black in it that brings forth a moody yet soothing tone to your setup. 

Combining navy blue with the quiet nature of blush pink creates a sophisticated and mature look. The warm, muted, rosy tones complement the cool, uncomplicated effect of navy blue to make your room one that is cozy and friendly. 

Very peri and mint 

Very peri is not just the newest talk of the town for interior painting options, but its fusion of periwinkle blue with vivid red-violet undertones creates a vibrant and energizing atmosphere that you will love. 

Very peri shade can also be used on your accent walls to highlight the features within your space that you would like to see stand out. 

Pairing this with the refreshing tones of mint can take you back to the Regency era with a modern twist. This pairing will leave your friends and family astounded by how effortlessly a mix of styles comes together.

Create a whole new vibe to your home interior with this unique pairing that will leave your creative sense tingling and full of energy. 

Yellow and grey 

Interior Painting

Looking for something timeless but evokes a sense of ultra modernity? Then you have to bring this combination to the table. 

Yellow is a color often related to all things bright and lit up, while grey gives a sense of suspense and neutrality, making this an ideal combination. In addition, this gender-neutral tone is a perfect combination that contrasts nicely with certain kinds of furniture. 

This match made in heaven is mostly seen in living rooms and is just the perfect team you can side with. From your lemon yellows to charcoal greys and mustard tones to muted greys the options are very diverse. 

In its palest forms, this combination can create an illuminating ambiance that is quiet but still sharp. 

Know your way with color combinations when it comes to interior painting 

The key to winning with eccentric color combinations is to first perform a swatch test and pick combinations that achieve the look you are after. 

If you are hesitant about going bold with your interior painting color options, talk with an expert with years of experience to best advise you. 

You don’t always have to follow the traditional rules of painting when giving your home a new paint job, so let your personality shine through with the colors you pick. 🌈

Good luck! 👍