House painting might be a laborious task, but with the right preparations and professionals, the process gets super simplified quickly. Hiring professionals to do a paint job comes with a plethora of perks. But, it is essential to do some prep work in advance so that the task becomes smooth and hassle-free for both of the parties.

Do-it-yourself paint jobs leave tell-tale signs of amateur techniques behind, thus ruining the appearance of the house. Hence, except for some pre-paint preparations, leaving the job to professionals is advised. Here are some steps that you can take before the painters arrive.

Move the furniture

It is advised to move all the pieces of furniture away from the walls, and toward the center of the room to be covered by the painters, so that the professionals will be able to paint the entire wall with ease.  Shifting the furniture to the center of the room, or even moving it into the garage, prevents any unwanted spattering of paint on your valuables.  Avoid shoving all the furniture in the hallway or passages to prevent any physical damage and obstructions.

Allow the painters to protect the flooring

Painters use professional drop cloths for your carpet or hardwood floor to prevent any unwanted blotches of paint and dust from staining it. Plastic sheets are comparatively cheaper, but they are prone to easy punctures and scrapes. They also tend to shift under weight, hence painters only use them only when there is less movement involved. You may also see painters use an industry-grade butyl-backed cloth which prevents paint and chemicals from seeping through, and reduces the chances of accidental paint-smeared shoe marks on your floor.

Remove hangings and ornaments

Wall hangings and decorative ornaments are a huge obstruction for interior house painters. Carefully take off all paintings, photo frames, posters, clocks, candle holders, vases, and wall art pieces before moving the furniture. You can use bubble wraps and newspapers to store fragile showpieces and store them away in boxes or cardboard containers. That way their surfaces will not be tarnished by the spray paint dust and the chances of breakage will reduce considerably.

Get repairs done

If there are some defected surfaces in the house, talk and coordinate with your service providers. Most professional painters provide drywall repair services for scrapes, scratches, and cuts in the walls. A smooth surface devoid of any superficial damage is ideal for a beautiful paint job. In case of extensive structural damage, try hiring third party professionals for repairs.

Remove soft furnishings

Start by removing soft furnishings like mats and rugs from the rooms followed by furniture pieces. Also, remember to clear away all the window treatments like blinds, drapes, and curtains. Even if your ceiling is not being coated, try to remove as many items from the rooms as possible. Store away expensive rugs with wall hangings and other house accessories. Moreover, the walls become easy to clean and prepare if soft furnishings are removed beforehand.


Cover moldings and trims in advance before paint jobs. Masking services are also provided by the paint professionals too. Apply painter’s masking tape on baseboards and window sills to prevent unwanted smears of paint. Take ample time to neatly cover all the important areas and don’t over tape for a professional-looking paint job. You can discuss in advance with interior painters in San Diego and other cities the services that they will be covering.

Remove or cover switch plates

Professionals don’t usually cut in around tiny outlets as it results in visible brushstrokes and smudges. It is advisable to remove switch plates and outlet covers in advance for a smooth paint job. You can also use child proof plastic outlet covers to prevent any paint splatters around the sockets. Remain cautious around unprotected switchboard coverings and keep children and pets away until the covers are placed back. Remove light fixtures and medallions when ceilings are to be painted. Always remember to turn off the power before proceeding to work with electrical equipment.

Always choose professionals

Always hire professional interior painters in San Diego for a satisfactory paint job. They come with all the supplies and equipment needed. This eliminates the need for any extra arrangements on your part. They will do the majority of wall preparation including scraping, sanding, and washing.

You can always coordinate with your service providers in case of any confusion with prep work and take a rough estimate too. A little planning and effort like making restroom arrangements, removing towels and drapes, and wiping walls might save you from post-paint hassles and unnecessary cleaning.