So you want to repaint your home and are wondering if you need to run this by your HOA? Well, the answer is yes!

The main purpose of a homeowners’ association is to maintain the sanctity of the community as a whole by not just retaining, but improving property values.

Almost every HOA is bestowed with legal authority by state law and governing. As a homeowner, you have the right to question the decisions made by your community HOA.

Read on to learn more about why you should comply with your HOA while familiarising yourself with the legalities and the levels of authority a board member can exercise.

How does this affect me?

HOAs come with bylaws and protocols in an attempt to keep all properties in sync with the overall community. These vary from association to association. Some just focus on the exterior paints. Others focus on the appearance in terms of features like fences, parking, extra storage sheds, decks, pools, or porches.

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If you’re looking for affordable painting services you should check out these guidelines and consult your HOA first.

What are the HOA painting guidelines?

Changing the exterior colors of your home can be challenging, especially if you live within a community that has an HOA. While you might not be able to paint your home in a distinctive color, you can still paint your home and give it a new look while adhering to the painting guidelines of the HOA.

Instead of approaching your community HOA without any preparation, refer to the following guidelines that can help you navigate your way through HOA requirements while complying with their regulations.

It’s not all fun and games!

Most HOAs tend to be harmless. They may end up trimming your trees, cleaning the streets, and maintaining public sports facilities. There are a few, however, that follow stringent rules or are laden with bureaucracy.

Painting the exterior of your home with your choice of color may not sit too well with the HOA as they intend to have all houses in the community look as uniform as possible.

Maintaining a uniform aesthetic among the appearance of the houses claims to entice potential buyers and keep the value of the property high. This mainly applies to the exterior painting of a home as it sets the tone for an interested buyer.

Why should I comply with the HOA?

In some communities, not complying with the HOA can lead to fines, or even potentially having to redo the project in accordance with their guidelines.  

While it may seem like a pain to work with your HOA, not complying can be costly and time-consuming.

Not only will you have to pay a fine for not complying with an HOA-approved color scheme, but failure to repaint your house when required may result in you being fined.

Each house presents itself as part of the whole housing community, so it’s advisable to comply with the HOA and their approved color schemes when painting your home.

Do I need permission before finalizing my house color?

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Always consult your HOA before planning any painting project for the following reasons:

  • More lenient HOA’s may allow you to pick your color scheme. However, it’s important to communicate with your HOA and keep them informed of the changes you will be making, as the result should always fit in with the rest of the houses in the community.
  • There are cases where a house nearby might have a similar color palette. In such cases, an HOA might ask you to reconsider your color. Make sure the majority of your new color scheme has HOA-approved colors so that the overall appearance of your home fits in with the other houses.
  • Some HOAs might even require you to use a pre-approved contractor. You might have to go full circle by submitting multiple paint options ahead of time, submitting a list of manufacturer guarantees, being a part of board meetings, and more.

What should I know about an HOA as a homeowner?

An HOA member must preserve the welfare of the housing community. However, a board member should also be aware of the legalities that follow. Incorrectly exercising the rights a board member possess may lead to termination from the association.

Full transparency between the HOA board members and the homeowners is vital. Here’s what a homeowner should know about the members of their community’s HOA:

  • Legal authority is bestowed upon the members by state law and governing documents. However, this can vary from state to state so it’s always advisable to check.
  • Fining is legal only if the state laws allow for it. Any underhand fine should be reported to the authorities immediately.
  • The HOA can contest monthly fees for the maintenance of common property within the housing community.
  • As a homeowner, you have the right to question any charges that you have been requested to pay.
  • If you fail to or refuse to pay any of the community fees, the HOA has the right to informally foreclose your home.
  • HOA’s don’t have the right to discriminate against any homeowner, make new rules on impulse, impose arbitrary fines, restrict complaints or prevent homeowners from suing.

Can HOA regulations affect exterior house painting in San Diego

Complying with your HOAs rules and regulations will not only ensure an amicable resolution but you won’t have to face the risk of being fined or having your home foreclosed.

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Most HOAs may be willing to compromise on their color schemes and allow you to incorporate your own as long as the paint job adheres to the overall exterior aesthetic of the community.

It’s never a bad idea to be vigilant about the levels of authority that HOA board members possess as well as the regulations fellow homeowners have to follow to avoid the misuse of authority and create a better housing community to live in.