So you want to re-paint your house and are wondering if you need to run this by your HOA? Well, the answer is yes! The main agenda of a homeowner association is to maintain the sanctity of the community as a whole by not only retaining but improving property values.

How does this affect you?

HOAs come with their bylaws and protocols in an attempt to keep the properties in sync with the overall community. These vary from association to association; some just focus on the exterior paints, some focus on the appearance, fences, parking, extra storage sheds, decks, pools or porches, etc.

If you’re looking for affordable painting services you should check these guidelines and consult your HOA first.

It’s not all fun & games!

Most HOAs tend to be harmless i.e. they will end up trimming your trees, cleaning the streets, maintaining public sports facilities; however, there are a few that follow stringent rules or are laden with bureaucracy.

In some communities, not complying with the HOA can lead to fines, or even potentially having to redo the project in accordance with their guidelines.  While it may seem like a pain to work with your HOA, not complying can be costly and time consuming.

Do I need permission before finalizing my house color?

Always consult your HOA before planning any painting project.  Some HOAs will have pre-approved color selections you must choose between, while some are a little more laid back and just need final sign off of colors you have picked yourself. There are cases where a nearby house might have a similar color palette; in such cases, an HOA might ask you to consider otherwise. Some HOAs might even require you to use a pre-approved contractor. You might have to go full circle by submitting multiple paint options ahead of time, submit a list of manufacturer guarantees, be a part of board meetings, and more.

Again, working with an HOA sounds like a pain, and in some cases, it might be, But as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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