2023 is all about being bold and that’s why the Pantone Color Institute has selected viva magenta to be this year’s color of the year.

So what exactly does viva magenta look like? The color of the year 2023 can be described as a hue of crimson inspired by the red of one of the boldest and brightest dyes in the world—cochineal. 

Here are some tips on how you can enhance your living space with the Color of the Year without it clashing with the existing décor and creating an overwhelming environment. 

Know the ideal color combination

Since viva magenta is such a vibrant color, painting an entire room with this shade won’t be the best decision, which is why coming up with a color combination that can tone down the vividness of the magenta is recommended. 

Expert residential painters recommend pairing a shade as bold as magenta with neutral colors or white to give the room a sense of airiness and space while giving your home décor a chance to stand out.

Make sure it matches your furniture 

If you already own an upholstered, rich velvet sofa in your living room, viva magenta is the ideal color choice for you. 

Try moving your sofa against a wall if it isn’t already and give it the perfect backdrop by painting the wall behind the sofa in viva magenta. You can choose to hang a neutral-colored art piece on the wall to add some contrast.

Try painting the ceiling 

Your first choice might not be to paint the ceiling of your home magenta, but residential painting professionals claim that taking the leap and painting your ceiling in a vivid shade can add to the aesthetic of your home. 

Painting your dining room ceiling viva magenta creates a contrasting statement and will pair perfectly with a statement chandelier, if you have one, above the dining table. Always make sure that the surrounding walls are painted white, beige, or any neutral color to elevate and give the room a pop of color. 

Refrain from adding décor of the same shade 

Since viva magenta is such a vibrant and bold color, having art pieces or decorative features of the same color can make your space look unappealing and might be too much to handle visually.

Use the same theory of incorporating neutrals and whites when painting with magenta for the decorative pieces you want to include in your home. Try opting for simple home décor pieces that have hints of gold to them, such as a mirror with a thin gold frame. 

Don your home with viva magenta for a pop of color this year 

Viva magenta is the perfect way to bring a sense of vibrancy and liveliness to any home décor in 2023. Experiment with different color combinations and furniture styles to create a unique and stylish home that reflects your personal style.

Get in touch with San Diego’s expert painters for more advice on using bold colors.

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