It may not be that obvious to you but your kitchen cabinets have a great impact on the interior of your kitchen. The appearance of your cabinets along with how they’re maintained can affect the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 

So if you’re wondering how you can give your kitchen a new look and want to experiment with different styles and trends, cabinet refinishing is the way to go. Not only is it cost-effective because you’ll be saving money by not replacing your cabinets but it will also give you the creative authority to achieve your vision. 

Different styles and trends have the ability to convey different emotions. For example,  if you’d like to achieve a classic and vintage vibe, you can paint your cabinets using pastel colors and incorporate other neutral colors to accentuate your kitchen.

Using the correct color combinations, however, would be a difficult task to handle if you’re inexperienced—that’s where the professionals come in. They know exactly what to do and what not to do, and they come with all the equipment and qualifications needed to carry out a high-quality cabinet refinishing job. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top trends for cabinet refinishing San Diego homeowners can consider to upgrade their kitchen spaces.

Light colors

As of late, homeowners have been opting for more breezy and light color schemes to paint their cabinets, whether it’s their kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. Light colors like white, cream, and light gray may instantly brighten a space and offer a fresh and airy vibe. 

If your kitchen space is small, this particular trend will work well as light colors have a way of broadening up a space. Light-colored cabinets are a versatile option for any homeowner because these shades go with a wide variety of interior designs, from conventional to contemporary. 

More dimension

The use of two-tone cabinets is another style that’s popular in San Diego. This method or trend entails refinishing the upper and bottom cabinets in various colors or any form of pattern that you’d prefer—you can choose your favorite colors and make your kitchen unique. 

Combining white top cabinets with a darker color, such as navy blue or charcoal gray, on the bottom can give your kitchen more dimension and perspective. Two-tone cabinets allow you to express your individual style and give the room a distinctive focal point.

Rustic wood

Natural wood finishes have become more popular in recent years for remodeling cabinets and even doors. Homeowners in San Diego are embracing the beauty of the wooden grain and are opting for techniques that can highlight the wood’s natural characteristics. 

These finishes, which range from rich mahogany to teak, add coziness and a hint of rustic appeal to any room. Natural wood cabinets capture the spirit of San Diego’s laid-back and welcome atmosphere by working incredibly well in coastal or industrial-style-inspired rooms.

Sophisticated finishes 

A matte coating is a go-to for most homeowners and with more and more finishes introduced, a matte coating will always be a timeless classic. It gives a sleek and modern look, making it both elegant and low-maintenance. 

Matte surfaces are well-known for being scratch, smear, and fingerprint-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damage or the possibility of frequent retouching. When coupled with lighter countertops or backsplashes, black matte cabinets in particular provide a stunning contrast. 

Open shelving

Open shelving has become more popular in recent years. You may have noticed open shelving in most homes. Your kitchen can look and feel more expansive with the cabinet doors taken off, so this should be the trend to opt for if you’d like your kitchen to look more spacious. 

It also allows you to showcase your prized dinnerware or decorative accents, giving the space a unique feel. Open shelving is practical and lets you play around with the aesthetics of your kitchen too, by showcasing your fashionable glassware and vibrant pottery.

Try these trends for cabinet refinishing San Diego homeowners must consider 

San Diego homeowners can rejuvenate their kitchen cabinets without the expense and difficulty of replacing them. So if you’re wondering which option wins the battle of painting cabinets vs replacing them, painting them through cabinet refinishing is the clear winner, and these trends for cabinet refinishing San Diego homeowners must consider, should be on your radar. 

There is a trend to suit every taste and aesthetic. So take advantage of the opportunities and give your cabinets a modern makeover right away.

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