Repairing damaged stucco requires extreme attention to detail and knowledge of what should be used and where. Stucco is used widely in most exterior structures due to its durability, resistance to changing weather conditions, and aesthetic appeal. Over time, however, with the constant changes in weather patterns and other external factors, even stucco can be subjected to damage and deterioration.

The most common forms of damage found are cracks and water damage, which are caused by fluctuating temperature patterns over time and prolonged exposure to moisture. Professional stucco repair contractors are equipped with the experience of working on different types of issues and therefore know how to solve them. With exterior stucco repairs, a DIY job is not recommended if you have no prior experience and it’s always better to avoid extra expenses on damage control. 

This blog post goes on to explain 3 ways professional exterior stucco repair contractors can help you avoid a DIY disaster. 

1. Prepping the surface properly

Whether you’re painting or repairing exterior stucco, the prepping process is very important. The surface must be properly cleaned before applying the stucco by removing any form of debris or other particles. If this procedure is not taken care of properly and followed through, there is a high chance that the new layer of stucco may not be applied properly, resulting in surface cracks and fractures.

Professional stucco repairing contractors make sure to inspect the exterior thoroughly before making an assessment of what needs to be done. This includes proper surface preparation; they check for cracks, water damage, and any other forms of deterioration and damage on the surface, using their extensive knowledge of the subject. 

2. Making the stucco mixture correctly

Getting the right materials and ratios when making the stucco mixture is one of the most crucial aspects. If the stucco mixture is incorrect, it’s possible that it will turn out either too dry or too wet and will then affect the entire repairing process, weakening its adhesive ability and leading to more structural damage. 

Stucco comes in various textures, colors, and compositions. For a smooth repair job, the existing stucco finish must be restored. Professionals can precisely match the stucco on your house because they have access to a broad variety of stucco materials, but DIY projects could end up with clashing colors or textures, which may appear unpleasant.

3. Using the appropriate methods precisely

For a smooth and even finish, stucco should be done using the proper methods. Untrained people may apply an excessively thick or thin layer of stucco, giving it a lumpy or uneven appearance. Surface flaws will likely show due to improper troweling or floating processes, especially if a DIY job is attempted.

Professional stucco contractors are highly skilled when it comes to dealing with stucco. They are aware of the specifics of the materials needed for various repairs and more importantly, the restoration methods required. This knowledge allows them to carry out not only a thorough repair but also an expedited one. 

Invest in professional services to get the best exterior stucco repairs done 

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the specific issues and the size of the affected area, the difficulty of stucco repairs may vary significantly.

If it’s something that requires a quick and easy fix, perhaps a DIY job would work but for more substantial or complex repairs, the services of professional exterior stucco contractors are recommended. 

Professionals can determine the degree of the damage, use the right repair methods, and take the necessary precautions to avoid further problems that may lead to further damage and even costs in the long run. Professional services, therefore, are worth the investment for exterior stucco repairs, rather than opting for a DIY fix.

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