Painting your teenager’s bedroom isn’t as simple as one would think. It seems like their interests change on a weekly basis, and for the amount of time they spend in their room studying or hanging out with friends, you want to make sure they have a comfortable and uplifting living space. If you’re planning to paint your teenager’s bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We know all the trends and have some tips for you on how to transform your teens room to reflect their personality.  Here are some of the top colors teens want us to paint in the San Diego region.

Top room colors teenagers are asking for:

1. Purple:

Purple is one of the most popular colors selected by teens. Because of its versatile and unique look, purple is a great choice. It also comes in many shades to please both parents and teens. 

Bedroom walls shaded with lavender or lighter purple look great with white or lighter gray curtains and will give the room a relaxing and whimsical feeling. If your teen is looking for a bolder purple, consider painting an accent wall a darker color for some contrast without darkening the whole room. 

2. Brown:

You won’t be disappointed with a light brown or soft beige when painting your teenager’s bedroom. With a neutral color like this, it’s easy to add playful accent colors to certain walls or room decor. By choosing a more versatile color, it’s easy to change the look of the whole room just by swapping decor, rather than repainting the whole bedroom

3. Black: 

A lot of parents cringe when their teen says they want to paint their room black. Modern teenagers gravitate towards black as their favorite color. Consider a very dark gray accented with bold colors like emerald green, dark blue, or crimson red for a cozy, trendy feel. These colors work well in rooms with big windows or lots of lighting. We also like to leave the ceiling white to give the room a more spacious, lighter feel. 

4. Soft blue:

Opting for soft, neutral colors to paint a teenager’s bedroom can create a very attractive effect. Also, painting bedrooms with these colors will make the room seem larger than it actually is. 

Lighter blues, such as seafoam or powder blue, are becoming increasingly popular colors for teenage girls’ rooms. Pastel blue walls paired with green, purple, or pink highlights along with natural-colored furniture will give a charming, whimsical look to any bedroom. 

Blue-gray shades along with vibrant accents will give your teenage boys’ room a refreshing and comfortable feel.

5. White:

In some cases, teenagers may get distracted by brighter colors. In these scenarios, opting for white could be the best choice. Painting a bedroom white will give it a modern, crisp and clean look. You can easily change the mood and feel of the room with accents and decor. You can go from lighter pastels and a softer mood to bright and vibrant colors in an instant with some new pillows or wall art.

6. Pink:

Pink has been a longtime favorite for many teenagers around the globe. Having bedroom walls painted a bright pink along with green or purple accessories can create a funky and trendy look.  

Using a vivid coral hue may provide an enticing backdrop for the room’s other accent colors. It draws out a room’s mesmerizing patterns, shades, and textures, making it a fun choice for your teen.

Our final thoughts:

Choosing the right color scheme is essential when it comes to painting a bedroom. You can’t go wrong with the paint colors listed above to transform your teens’ living space. When it comes to any paint job, we recommend hiring a high-quality, professional painter in San Diego with tons of experience in interior, exterior, and cabinet painting.

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