Your home’s exterior is what you see first as you retreat to your haven after a long day; this is why a house has to be not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. This is also why the color palette you choose for your outer walls matters as much as the walls inside the home. 

Exterior painting is a sure way to revamp your home’s outlook and make an impression on guests. You have a perfect architectural style and the best lawn, so it’s time to boost your color palette and add the icing to the cake!

Residential exterior painting styles are a little different than interior painting styles. In exterior painting, instead of complementing your colors with curtains, ceilings, furniture, and textures, you will be working with the doors, windows, and your lawn. 

Take a look at the following color palette ideas to see what colors suit your home the best.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

If you are not afraid to experiment with colors that are a little too unconventional, then here’s your chance to create a unique color palette. Bold shades like red, indigo, purple, blue, or even black are perfect for many housing styles. 

Make a statement with a darker shade and let your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood😏

To add some contrast, you can paint the trim, doors, and windows in a lighter shade. This is just a suggestion; no rule says residential exterior painting can’t go all dark shades, even as far as to create a bit of a gothic vibe. 

Going green

This is great for forest lovers and owners of eco-friendly homes. Make your move to create a better environment known by going green, literally! Green is also good for those who are living near forests or have green lawns; you can match your house with the natural green backdrop. 

Depending on the shade of green you choose, you can change the feel of your house. Forest green, for example, adds a boho rustic look. 

Pale green, in contrast, will match perfectly with rich lawns and add a serene feel to your home. 

Fully white walls

Going completely white, including doors and windows, will add a soft and warm look. It’s simple and elegant and is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal😉

Alternatively, you can create a farmhouse look with white walls coupled with accents of black or brown. You don’t have to live on a farm to create the feeling of a farm; simply create the farmhouse feel with your color palette. 

If pure white is not your thing or feels like too much maintenance, use shades of white like cream, powder, oatmeal, ivory, or pearl. 

Earthen tones

Earthy tones refer to colors like shades of brown or stony shades like ash. Using colors like shades of brown, auburn or beige creates a calming vibe. These colors look especially fantastic on brick houses or homes inspired by Mediterranean designs. 

Minimalist palettes

Minimalist color palettes are a trend in modern residential exterior painting. Most modern or contemporary houses lean more towards minimalist, neutral palettes; you will find shades of black and white often in these types of homes.

Contemporary and modern housing styles are defined by their clean lines and sleek designs, often using glass and metal. So even if you want to use full black on your wall, you can use them without creating a gloomy appearance.

In fact, with the combination of large glass windows, black walls will give the best mix of modern, gothic, and great aesthetic. 

Try the latest trends in residential exterior painting

Whether you are painting your brand new home or hoping to give your old home a makeover, going for the latest trends in exterior painting is the perfect way to achieve a unique look.