A new paint job will do wonders for any home but giving your home a new paint job can be difficult and you may not have the time or experience to do it yourself—this is where residential painting contractors come in.

Hiring professionals for your paint job is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to taking time out of your busy schedule and doing the painting yourself.

Not every painting contractor is the same, however. Every contractor works differently and not all of them may suit your requirements.

If you want the best residential painting contractor for your paint job, you’ll need to learn a few things about them; here are some important questions you should ask painting contractors before hiring them.

1. Ask them if you need to do any preparation work

Before any paint job, there needs to be some prep work to ensure everything goes as planned. When you hire professional painters for the job, you normally don’t need to do any preparation work at all because the contractors will do it for you.

Despite this, some contractors may ask you to move your furniture before the paint job begins. 

Being made to do the preparation yourself might be a deal-breaker, so it’s always good to check with the contractor on this before hiring them.

2. Ask them for their references

You’ll want to know what other people have to say about a painting contractor you’re going to hire. 

Ask the contractors for a list of references that you can get in touch with and find out about the quality of their work and the legitimacy of their services.

3. Ask them if they hire subcontractors

While there’s nothing wrong with subcontractors doing the paint job, there might be some risks involved.

Subcontractors may not do a paint job with the same level of quality as the main contractor and may try to cut corners to get the job done quickly, leaving you with a botched paint job.

4. Ask them for their work schedule

Paint jobs can take time and if you have a busy schedule, you’ll want to plan out your days around the contractor’s schedule.

Ask them how long the job will take and on which days they’ll be working. Also, check with them if they will be working on other projects while working on your home to know if they can be committed to the project full time.

5. Ask them about the paint they use

Quality paint is important for every paint job.

Ask your residential painting contractor about the brand of paint they’ll be using. Most contractors will use the highest quality paint for even the simplest paint job but some small-time contractors may use cheaper brands.

It’s always better to go for a contractor that only uses high-quality paint. 

Additionally, you may want to ask them if they use eco-friendly paint.

6. Ask them where they’ll store their paint and equipment

Depending on how extensive your home’s paint job is, it could take days and this could mean having paint supplies littering your yard or driveway.

Ask the contractors how and where they’ll store their paint and equipment or if they’ll take it with them when they’re done for the day.

This way, in the event the painters need a place to store their things temporarily, you can have a space ready beforehand.

7. Ask them if they have insurance

Even during a paint job, a lot of things can go wrong.

Though it’s very unlikely, accidents can happen at any time during a painting project and painters may get injured. Without any insurance coverage, you’ll be paying for the injuries out of your own pocket.

Ask the painting contractor if they have workmen’s compensation insurance which will pay for any medical bills in the event of an accident involving the painters.

Additionally, ask them about their general liability insurance policy (PLI); this policy will cover any damages to your home during the paint job.

Ask the right questions when hiring residential painting contractors

For the best paint job for your home, you’ll need the best painting contractors in town. Every professional painting company aims to do its best to give you value for your money but it’s never a bad idea to ask them these important questions.

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