Every home needs a new makeover once in a while. There is no better way to do this than by giving your house a new exterior paint job. 

Repainting your house has many benefits. You can get rid of discolored, cracked walls and bring back that shiny, glossy exterior that has dulled over the years. A brand new coat of paint can also increase your property value and boost your curb appeal.😊 

So, how often does your house need a new paint job?

Signs your exteriors could benefit from a fresh coat of paint

You need to start planning a fresh color palette for your home if any of the following signs start to appear.

  • Wear and tear is a common sign of your paint expiring. If you see cracks or flakes, peeling layers, and bubbling of the paint, it’s time to give your outer walls the makeover they deserve. 
  • The need to repaint your walls could be motivated by a bad paint job, but it can also be nature taking its course. 

Paint on the exterior of your house can fade due to sun exposure. Especially if your exterior walls have a darker hue, because dark shades of paint show fading and discoloration faster than lighter colors. When your paint starts to fade, take it as a sign that it’s time for a fresh look. 

  • Over time, caulk also loses its elasticity and becomes brittle. So if you see cracks in the caulk this is another signal that it’s time to start planning to paint your house exterior

Every home needs to be repainted at some point, regardless of what prompts you to call the painters in. 

There are a few external factors, however, that can determine how often your exteriors need a new coat of paint. 

The material used to build your walls

The material of your home is one factor that affects how often you need to repaint. 

A brick house makes maintenance of exterior walls easier because they only need to be repainted every 15–20 years. Similarly, a house with a cement fiberboard can retain its exterior paint for up to 15 years, making repairs much less frequent than it would be with other types of material. 

On stucco siding and wood siding, the paint will last between five to seven years. This means you have to think of painting often if you want to keep up that sleek finish. 

Now, if you have used aluminum siding, you’ll need to account for a lot more repainting. Paint on aluminum lasts only for about five years. On the plus side, this means plenty more opportunities to redecorate your space.😄

The location of your home 

Your location affects your home in more ways than just its address. When it comes to exterior paint, you have to be extra careful about the elements your house is exposed to. 

Houses in areas that are more prone to extreme weather like storms, for example, are more likely to experience wear and tear. Storms tend to wear your paint out quicker than the sun, causing damages like cracks or bubbles. 

You will also need to paint your house exterior more frequently if you live close to the beach. The humidity and salty air, combined with extreme temperature due to sun exposure, mean you will need to start picking up the paintbrush much sooner than you would have to with an inland home. 

So keep an eye out for signs of the weather taking a toll on your home, including moisture accumulation or mold on your walls. 

Don’t forget to prep your walls and check your paint quality before you paint your house exterior

Preparation before painting is an essential step that you simply cannot ignore. 

Even the best quality paint won’t last too long if your walls aren’t prepared. 

Make sure your walls are pressure-washed to remove any mildew or dirt. Dirt accumulation can ruin the paint, resulting in a spotty paint job or uneven layers. This would mean having to repaint sooner than you anticipated, resulting in a waste of your money and resources. 

To avoid this, you can get high-quality paint and a trained painting team for your residential exterior painting. Getting a skilled set of hands instead of pulling off a DIY job can help you create a better, more long-lasting look. 😉

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