A good exterior paint job can add plenty of charm and style to your home. No matter how good your paint job is though, the San Diego weather isn’t always very forgiving.

Every paint job starts to show signs of wear and tear as the years go by and that’s just a natural part of the process.

While there’s nothing wrong with a fresh coat of paint from time to time, you can also salvage your existing paint job if you know what to do.

With exterior paint maintenance, you can give your home a few touch-ups and maintain its curb appeal without spending too much money. You can also maintain its charm from your original look 🙂

Get rid of dirt

The wind brings plenty of dirt and grime with it that can end up damaging your home’s exterior paint job. 

Not only does dirt affect your exterior paint directly but it could also become a breeding ground for mildew on your walls. Aside from dirt, a chalky pigment may be left behind from the paint as it starts to weather, making your paint fade and lose its color.

A simple way to get rid of dirt and chalk deposits on your walls is to scrub them with mild detergents. Use a towel or a soft scrub brush (a sponge is a good choice too), so you don’t accidentally damage the wall. 

Once you’re done scrubbing, wash the wall with water thoroughly. Avoid using any alkaline cleaners as these can damage your paint even more!

If you want more heavy-duty washing, try power washing your walls to get rid of the dirt. Be cautious while doing so though as it could damage your paint and should not be done more than twice a year.

Take care of your landscaping

While it might sound strange that maintaining your landscaping could help with exterior maintenance, it does have a profound effect on your paint.

Bushes and vines growing along the walls of your home can create damp spots on your walls, making them perfect for mildew or mold. 

Leaves from vines can even cling and stick to your walls and damage the paint as they start to rot. Some of these vines can even take root on your walls and cause the paint to crack and peel off.

While plants can increase your home’s curb appeal, you don’t want to risk any damage to the exterior paint job. Remove unwanted vines growing along your walls and trim your bushes so they don’t touch the walls. Avoid using chemicals like herbicides too as these can damage the paint.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for any leaves piling up near your walls, as these pass moisture onto them and damage the paint.

Repair stucco cracks

If your home’s exterior wall is wrapped with stucco, check it for cracks from time to time. Over time, tiny hairline cracks could form on the stucco and these cracks let in moisture, damaging both the stucco and your paint.

To fix these cracks, use a chisel and a hammer and carefully widen each crack a little bit. Use a small brush to remove any debris from inside the crack and then use a caulk gun (or any method you prefer) to add caulk into the crack.

Let the caulk set for about a day and paint over the repaired crack with water-based paint, ideally in the same color as your original paint job.

Maximize your curb appeal with exterior paint maintenance hacks!

Maintaining your home’s curb appeal is important, not just because you want your home to always look its best but because, ultimately, it’s a reflection of who you are 🙂

If you need help maintaining your home’s exterior paint job, painting services in San Diego can make this process much easier and less stressful.

Good luck!

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