One question both homeowners and commercial property owners or managers have is what the best time of the year is to repaint their properties. While there’s no perfect weather condition, there are a few ideal conditions that can help the painting process.

The temperatures in San Diego for the most part vary from 50°F to 77°F and rarely go below 44°F or above 84°F, which means you’ll mostly be dealing with warm summers and long, cool, and gloomy winters.

With such unpredictable weather patterns, taking care of the appearance of your home can be a challenge. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your newly painted home or building maintains its appearance.

1. Refrain from painting in very cold weather conditions

If you’ve hired a professional painting contractor to paint your property, they’ll usually refrain from painting when the temperatures are below 35°F. This may be due to the following reasons:

    • Paint takes longer to dry
    • Wet paint is prone to collecting dirt, pollen, and insects
    • Multiple coats can’t be applied due to inefficient drying

If you do decide to paint your property’s interior or exterior, you may notice signs of unevenness on the surface due to the paint not being able to dry properly. 

But if you have no other option than to paint in cold conditions, most paint contractors will warm the paint containers in hot water and continually stir the paint to evenly spread the heat before beginning to paint.

2. Avoid painting during very hot weather conditions

Just like the cold, heat provides another set of challenges that can affect the paint of a surface. Although paint dries much faster in warmer temperatures it can cause latex paints to dry out fast.

Make sure to follow the below recommendations before painting during very hot weather:

    • Make sure the air and surface temperatures aren’t above 90°F
    • Refrain from painting under direct sunlight
    • Avoid painting if there’s too much wind

3. Bypass evaporation

This is crucial during very hot weather conditions. During extreme heat, you’ll notice the paint beginning to look thick due to the water evaporating from it which results in it ineffectively adhering to the surface and causing streaks on the walls.

To prevent this, make sure the paint isn’t left under direct sunlight and add water back into the paint up to 10% of the volume to improve its consistency. This will ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and adheres to the surface better.

4. Steer clear from rain and water sprinklers

Summers in San Diego may be short, but they’re quite warm and humid and you may experience sudden showers. Expert painters will usually plan their painting schedule around the weather to ensure at least 2-3 hours of drying time.

If you have sprinklers in your garden, make sure that they’re not directed close to the area that’s being painted. In addition, ensure that the sprinklers are turned off for a few days after the exterior painting project is complete.

Expert painting services can provide the best paint maintenance solutions for your property

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your property is a quick and effective way to enhance its appearance. A paint job, however, might not last as long if there are severe and constant changes in the weather.

To minimize the effects of certain weather conditions affecting your property, get in touch with professional residential or commercial painters in San Diego for a durable paint job with the help of the above-mentioned paint maintenance tips.

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