You’ve finally made your mind up; you are going to hire pros to transform your sanctuary into the showstopper you always dreamed it could be!

You look through directories and search for contacts but the options available are leaving you confused and overwhelmed. 

Painting your home is an exciting adventure but also a serious investment; the returns you make should be far greater than the price tag.

The problem is that you can get carried away with aggressively priced services but still receive no value out of it if the painting company you’re working with is not reputable or reliable. When it comes to residential painting, however, both these should go hand in hand. 

Here are some friendly tips to help you gain that headstart into hiring the best home painting company! 🙂

Research, research, research

When it comes to spending on what will make your home a masterpiece, don’t settle for anything but the best. 

Research the painting companies in your area by going through their websites and looking through customer reviews for various services that they offer. 

With everything being available at the click of a button, utilize the ability to look up all you need to and inquire further about the reputation the company holds. 

Make sure to verify their license and registration, so that you will not be held liable for possible damages. Also, keep track of how active of a role they play within your community and the standard they hold their services to. 

Get estimates and bargain 

In most cases, people do not always ask for estimates from painting companies but it’s an important step in your pre-contract process. Do not avoid having this much-needed conversation with your contractor. Be sure that everything you are demanding fits within the budget you’ve set aside. 

By asking such questions, you can also gain insight into the character of the team you are about to hire. 

Being open to criticism, making the effort to work according to your requests, or patiently taking you through their process so that you aren’t blindsided by what your home requires, are some of the hallmarks of a great painting company.

Consider the reputation of the company

Not every contractor delivers consistently good results when it comes to residential painting—only the very best do.

With that in mind, if the home painting company of your choice continuously gets a bad rap for the work they do, it might be best to avoid them altogether. 

The combination of flattery and low-quality work can ultimately turn your home into a costly nightmare if the painting services do not keep their word. Chances are that a contractor that knows the true value of a project will not bid lower than what is expected rather will offer you the best value for money spent. 

This should ultimately be the goal when looking for the best team for the job 🙂

Look into the safety and quality of equipment used 

While there is nothing wrong with being cost-effective, be sure that the team you hire doesn’t cut corners with the work they do. 

The quality of products used for the job is extremely important. The use of poor quality paint, for instance, will lead to poor adhesion, peeling paint, and poor color retention and longevity, leading to lower returns on investment. 

Be sure to check that the right precautions are taken even with the type of paint used and their fumes are not toxic to you or the environment.

Pick a home painting company you love

Turning to the pros in residential painting is something I always encourage everyone to do but you need to follow the right processes to find a company that meets your specific requirements.

If you’re looking to change the look of your home with a fresh coat of exterior paint, consider making an exterior painting and maintenance checklist. 

Till then, I wish you the very best and hope the holiday season brings you and your family plenty of love and joy! 🙂

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