Colour is something business owners and managers overlook, ignoring the fact that it does play a role in impacting the emotions of both your clients and employees. 

Research shows that color is a powerful visual tool guiding both parties’ perceptions of your business. So if your company isn’t looking for an overall spontaneous renovation, a coat of fresh paint can still be the next best thing that leaves your office space looking professional and spacious. 

With the right palette in hand, you can be sure that your office will transform from boorish and dull-looking to energetic and inspiring.

It is for this reason that we take a look at the best commercial office paint color ideas for 2022 predicted by top-tier designers within the industry for your office. 

Industry experts are racing to the charts to offer us colors that make us feel more centered and present while also making our workspaces look healthy and serene. 

Pantone’s Very Peri

Making its way to the top of our selection we have the color of the year and it’s no surprise why.

Pantone’s Very Peri is a color that represents change and growth. This dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a deep violet red undertone offers you the calmness and constancy of blue with an electrifying spark of red. 

This brilliant pairing is suitable for offices that are heavily dependent on the creative mind such as the fashion industry or web design, to create an environment that nurtures and allows the mind to work at its best creative capacity. 

Pantone’s Very Peri color is the new breaking trend and complements different ranges of fabrics without making anything feel out of place. 

This color allows your workspaces to channel vibrancy, cater to creativity, and encourage diverse thinking. 

Warm neutrals

2022 is the year we see the return of warm neutrals back especially when it comes to office painting in San Diego. You can also see the return of wood fittings alongside the mix of light pastels, giving you a wider selection of your color schemes. 

These shades add a depth of character to your work areas and bring about a sense of comfort and warmth. 

Office spaces that require intense concentration and minimal distractions are best for a warm neutral palette. These colors are expected to be more nuanced and give one a sense of discipline. 

Rest assured that your neutral colors will never go out of style and are the perfect choice during this age of minimalism. 

Popular choices of color that will be seen in this palette selection include browns, beige, and greys accompanied by softer options such as khaki, soft blues, and greens which invigorate a sense of productivity and resilience. 

Off whites and creamy whites 

Looking for a color that offers both peace and tranquillity. White is a classic, timeless color that makes it to our list of recommendations for even 2022. 

If you are looking to incorporate a sense of elegance and versatility into your workspaces, you cannot go wrong with these shades. 

Creamy or off whites are just the type of white that will never bore you and are great backdrops for your more bolder and fierce choices of color.

Picking this color is more suitable for offices that look to create a calmer ambiance or make certain areas stand out better.

Whether you are bustling in the retail industry, IT, or business, opting for creamy and off whites can immediately bring a bit of personality to your space. 

Get commercial office paint color ideas that are trending in 2022

Today more than ever, priority is given to ensuring that your workers are completely secure and happy above all else in the workplace. With an increasing number of Gen Z now entering the workforce, the emphasis on the type of environment they work in is essential to your success.

When you keep your employees and clients at the heart of your business, giving them the best facilities and workspace to settle in—nothing becomes more colorful and cherished.

If you are looking for professional advice on commercial office paint color ideas that best suit your space and are relevant, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Good luck!

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