A bathroom is the most personal space after your bedroom. Also, in most cases, it is the first place where you go after waking up in the morning. How you decorate your bathroom significantly influences your mood for the entire day. However, it looks a bit odd to give so much thought to the decoration of this place when it’s far easier to paint it in any color. But styling and decorating your bathroom is equally important as any other part of your home.

Before styling your bathroom, ask yourself some questions like what kind of space you want, how you want to use your bathroom, how much time are you going to spend relaxing in your bathroom, etc. All these questions will guide you to make some bold choices for the color of your bathroom. Let’s look at these 8 stunning colors to paint your bathroom during the next renovation.

1. Taupe

Taupe is the best choice for painting your bathroom with a classic touch and a hint of modernity. Though the color may seem neutral, it spreads warmth in the space. The influence of this color totally depends upon the height of darkness you choose. While the darker version of taupe imparts an earthy feel, lighter shades are moody. Also, pairing taupe with purple is an excellent choice to decorate your living room.

2. Soft Grey

The soft grey color is known for its neutrality and cooling nature. It imitates granite and concrete sealing San Diego, thereby providing a soothing effect to the environment. You can either pair it up with white furnishing and create a classic yet modern aura. Or you can try mixing brighter tones to add a pop of color to your bathroom. You can pair it up with pink to create warmth in the space.

3. Bright White

Painting and styling your bathroom with a bright white color is the ultimate way to create a classic look. Use different textures to interrupt the monotony of the style. Also, you can use differently shaped tiles to add some style. You can even pair it up with neutral tones for a more sophisticated look. If there is too much white for you, mix and match with bold alternatives like pink, yellow and green.

4. Charcoal

Charcoal color reflects royalty and sophistication. It acts as a perfect alternative to the grey shades. Though the charcoal color lies on the darker side of the spectrum, it has some really warm elements that give a cosy feeling to the bathroom. Get it paired up by Interior painters in San Diego with metallic tones and add a modern look to your bathroom after the next renovation.

5. Light Blue

Light blue color leaves a relaxing effect on your body and soul. Being surrounded by this gorgeous shade of sky is something that you can cherish every day. Painting your bathroom walls with a light blue color brings in the feeling of a spa to the comfort of your own home. Matching light blue color with the shades of white is an excellent combination to renovate your bathroom.

6. Light Green

Anything painted with the color green brings you the feel of a natural environment. It leaves a very calm and cooling to a sunny room. Also, light green color pairs well with earthy colors like brown, taupe, and sand. Bring in the natural feel to the coziness of the bathroom.

7. Brown

Brown is the color of nature and mother earth. Therefore, painting your bathroom with brown color imparts natural feels to the atmosphere and has very calming effects on the mind. A dark brown color corresponds to a more dramatic look. Lighter tones are more soothing in nature. Pair it up with white furnishing and get spa-like feels.

8. Cerulean Blue

Despite being a bright color of the sea, cerulean blue is a very calm color. That is why it is an ideal choice for a family bathroom. It imitates the color of the sea, especially that of the tropical beaches. Pair it with crisp white tones for a traditional look and vintage white for beach feels.

Try out these top picks to style your bathroom in the next renovation and drywall repair in San Diego.

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