Selecting the best paint color for a room is challenging. It takes a few days to know what the color looks like in every light before making a decision. If a room lacks natural light, it becomes much more challenging to select a paint color. As painting professionals in San Diego, we will help you learn about brightness and saturation, making it easier for you to select paint colors for your dark rooms.

Colors that are too bright or too cool may make sun-deprived interior spaces visually unappealing. Warmer shades enhance dark areas and give you and your guests a more welcoming atmosphere.

Ideal colors in low-light areas

It’s not uncommon for people to have some rooms with a lot of windows and natural lighting, while other rooms just don’t get much sun. Finding the right paint color for dark rooms is a great way to bring some light and some personality to these areas.

Here are some of the most popular choices for darker rooms:

1. Lavender

In dark rooms, the versatile attraction of lavender is truly outstanding. It has a wide variety of color shades, from soft dusky tones to dark purple hues. For a more sophisticated look, pair lavender with simple neutrals like light gray and white. If you’re looking for a bolder look, pair it with bright purples and blues, or even black.

2. Pale yellow

Yellow is a perfect way to create a light feeling if you don’t have any natural light. It’s ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms with small windows. As a brighter shade, soft, buttery colors reflect artificial light beautifully. Complement a classic yellow interior with lighter accents like white wooden furniture.

3. Powder blue

The darkest corner of your home will shine with this timeless blue. It is ideal for traditional interior spaces with crisp white patterns and light furniture. To add a little contrast, use darker blue or dark gray accents like pillows or wall art. This dreamy color is excellent for a bathroom or some other dark corner of your house.

4. Soft gray

Gray has become the latest trend in interior painting. Adding even more gray to the mix might seem a little crazy for dark rooms. If you stay with light to moderate shades, you’ll be amazed at how you can transform a dark room. Go for very light shades such as dove gray to give the room a warm feeling.

Grays work in both sunlit and sun-deprived rooms. Choose a lighter shade for the walls of darker rooms and integrate accessories like wooden furniture and decorations. Grays with a touch of color at the base, like a tinge of lavender or purple, are great ways to add warmth.

6. Pink

For rooms where daylight is minimal, a light pink is a cheerful option. Use a pale rose pink to add some light and personality to a room, or choose a brighter tone such as watermelon or fuchsia as an accent wall for a funky, trendy vibe.

So what’s the best color for dark rooms?

Any neutral, light, or pastel color is typically the best choice for your darker rooms. When you want your dark rooms to look brighter, you can use bold colors like mustard yellow.

Before selecting paints, talk to a pro about the atmosphere you want for each room. Once we know the mood you’re trying to build, we can help you pick colors to transform your house into a home.

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