Every home is beautiful, inside and out. But sometimes, you’ll want something different to look at when you enter your home.

A fresh new interior paint job can give your home a whole new look, but instead of opting for a traditional interior painting style, like painting your home’s interior all white, how about trying some fun and unique painting styles?

Some avante-garde painting styles can help bring an element of playfulness into your home and give your interiors a more personal touch. Let’s take a look at seven interior painting styles that can make your walls pop.

1. Harlequin

This is a classic painting style that adds some movement to your rooms. It’s a simple style that incorporates diamond shapes with contrasting colors.

Harlequin isn’t just a great style for bedrooms, it also goes well with kitchens and playrooms for children. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look with this style, you can consider bolder colors with higher contrast.

2. Stripes

Stripes are a simple painting style with many possibilities. Thin stripes will give your wall the illusion of having a subtle texture, while big and bold stripes add more visual flair.

Another great thing about stripes is that they can make your rooms look more spacious. For instance, using vertical stripes makes the ceiling appear higher, while horizontal stripes make your room look wider.

3. Wall stencils

This is a good alternative for wallpaper, and it’s quick and easy to do 🙂

You only need to buy a stencil or make one of your own in a design you like. It must then be placed on the wall and painted over. Watch the pattern beautifully transfer onto your wall! 

To make things interesting, don’t stick to just one stencil—try using a different stencil for each room, or two to three different stencils on a single wall. Also, make sure that the color of the paint used for the stencil complements your wall’s primary color.

4. Strie

This interior painting style uses vertical or horizontal lines to make your walls resemble linen. Strie isn’t just a stunning painting style to behold; it also adds warmth and a little bit of texture to a room.

The Strie style works best for woodwork and paneling.

5. Concrete effect

As the term suggests, this painting style involves giving your wall the look of dried concrete. 

The concrete effect is great for giving your interiors a rugged industrial look and feel. To get the best out of this painting style, consider using it on the wall surrounding your fireplace or your home’s bathroom walls.

6. Color washing

This involves layering two colors of paint together to give your walls a textured look. The best way to create this effect is to opt for a darker and lighter shade of the same color.

You can also consider color washing using two complementary colors. But be mindful of the hues because if the colors contrast too much, your wall might start to look messy.

7. Metallic checkerboard

Metallic paint isn’t a very common sight in homes, but when used the right way, it can give your home a sophisticated and futuristic look. This style involves using metallic paint to create squares on your wall to give it the appearance of a giant checkerboard. 

Similar to stripes, this style can also make your spaces look either larger or smaller than they already are. For example, large squares will make a small room look even smaller than it is.

Let the pros handle your interior painting needs

A new interior paint job is a cost-effective way to give your home a stylish new look but trying to decide what kind of painting style will look best for your home can be tricky. 

By getting in touch with a professional home painting company in San Diego, you can learn about the latest painting trends and give your home an incredible paint job.