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    Tips for a gorgeous interior paint job

    Our homes are a sanctuary; they make us feel safe and comfortable. We feel a sense of pride when our homes look beautiful and striking, and we do everything we can to maintain that exterior look.

    That said, just like the exterior, the interior of your home also needs some TLC to keep it looking good at all times. A beautiful interior can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and have a relaxing effect on your mind.


    A good paint job every now and then can go a long way in helping you keep your interior looking beautiful and fresh.

    While interior painting can be a little tricky, with the right guidance, you can get that perfect look you’re looking for.

    J Brown Painting—your residential painting experts in San Diego

    If you’re looking to give your home a new interior paint job and you need some help, we are here to get the job done for you!

    We guarantee the perfect paint job that rivals what you would get from a big company while giving you the support and care of a small one.

    If you’re worried the painting project will interfere with your schedule, we got you covered. We work around your schedule and even work on weekends and nights to get the job done at the promised time.

    All you need to do is pay 10% upfront and pay the rest only if you’re happy with our services 🙂

    Get the right tools

    Here are some of the most essential tools you need for a quality and mess-free paint job:

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    • Michelle B - Mission Beach, CA

      “Justin has worked on my home, my sister’s, and my next door neighbor’s! We all had a fantastic experience. Best painting company in San Diego”

    • Rebecca B – Pacific Beach, CA

      You can stop searching, Justin at J Brown Painting is your go-to guy for anything house painting, window washing, power washing, stucco patching, and even gutter cleaning. We've used him for literally all of these services! At first, we were concerned because he looks so young. But, within 5 minutes of meeting him, we could tell he knew his stuff. We were impressed that he would work 10 hour days and how tansparent he was with his prices, and didn't try to sell us on stuff we didn't actually need. 10/10, would recommend :)

    • Trish M – La Jolla, CA

      As promised, we're working with J Brown Painting again to paint the exterior of our house. And couldn't be happier. :) Same nice, professional guy doing an exceptional job! It's hard to find a good painter in San Diego. Justin and his team are everything you'd want in a contractor: timely, friendly, dependable, and affordable. And clean! We worked with him to paint the interior of our old home, plus the kitchen cabinets and recently had him clean the windows of our new home. We plan to use him again to paint the inside and exterior of our new home soon too. Highly recommend!


    How often should I paint my interiors?
    We recommend painting your interior at least every three to five years to maintain a fresh look.
    Can I use exterior paint for my interiors?
    You can, but we don't recommend it. Exterior paints have a lot of chemicals that help protect them against the elements and can release VOCs into the air, which can cause several health issues.
    Do ceilings need two coats of paint?
    Generally, no.  Instead of two coats of paint, apply one coat of primer and one coat of paint.
    What should I paint first, the walls or the ceiling?
    Painting the ceiling after the walls could lead to paint splatters on your walls, so it’s better to start with the ceiling.