Does your home’s drywall need repair?

Find out more about how your home’s drywall may get damaged and why you should repair it.

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    Damaged drywall can be a problem for many homeowners in San Diego. They may look like a simple problem but left unchecked for too long, damaged drywall could suffer structural failure.

    Also, when small damages start accumulating on the drywall over the years, they can affect your home’s aesthetics. If you’re planning to sell your home, a poorly maintained drywall can be a deal-breaker.

    How does drywall get damaged?

    There are a few common ways drywall can get damaged:

    Poor installation

    Improperly installed drywall can develop cracks over time, and these can weaken its structural integrity. Also, changes rapid changes in temperatures can cause the drywall to expand and contract, leading to cracks.

    Foundation settling

    Over time, due to natural changes in the ground, your home’s foundation may shift. This shifting could cause the drywall to come loose or crack.

    Water leaks

    Water leaking out of broken pipes is absorbed by the drywall and damages them. The most common sign of water damage to your drywall is the appearance of dark spots or damp patches.


    Termite infestation

    Termites can eat away at your drywall and cause major damage. In this case, entire sections of drywall may need to be replaced completely.

    Why should you repair your drywall?

    Your home’s drywall isn’t just for aesthetics—it also plays a big role in protecting your home from the elements. Drywall keeps wind and moisture out of your home, and it can also insulate your home, keeping heat and cold air trapped inside.

    Leaving your drywall unrepaired will deprive your home of all the benefits drywall can offer.

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    Can I install drywall by myself?
    Yes, you can, but it’s a delicate task. If you don’t have much experience with drywall installation, it’s best you ask for help from a professional.
    Can heat-damaged drywall be repaired?
    This depends on the extent of the damage. In most cases, however, drywall with heat damage may need to be replaced.
    What are the different types of drywall?
    Here’s a list of the different kinds of drywall:
    • Regular drywall
    • Mould-resistant drywall
    • Soundproof drywall
    • Fire-resistant drywall
    • VOC-absorbing drywall