Cabinet painting: Give your kitchen a makeover

Discover the tips and tricks to achieve a quality finish on your next cabinet painting project.

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    As functional and convenient as they are, kitchen cabinets can start to look tired and show signs of wear and tear if not maintained well. Bumps, scratches, and food residue can all make your cabinets fade and look drab.

    Because cabinets are a big part of any kitchen, when they start to wear out, your kitchen could lose its overall appeal.

    Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to replace your cabinets—all you need to have is some patience and some quality painting supplies to give your kitchen a trendy makeover

    Pro-tips for cabinet color changing

    Here are a few cabinet painting tips that can make your life that much easier when you want to get the job done quickly.

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    Interior painting

    J Brown Painting offers a complete range of interior painting services. Whether it’s refreshing your entire home or simply painting trim, our dedicated team is ready to get to work. No project is too big—or too small—for our experienced team of interior painting experts.

    Exterior painting

    Painting serves two purposes: to protect and to beautify. At J Brown Painting, we put a lot of emphasis on the protection aspect. What are we protecting from? UV rays and moisture. Who knew water and the sun, two things so vital to life, can also destroy your home!

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    • Michelle B - Mission Beach, CA

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    • Rebecca B – Pacific Beach, CA

      You can stop searching, Justin at J Brown Painting is your go-to guy for anything house painting, window washing, power washing, stucco patching, and even gutter cleaning. We've used him for literally all of these services! At first, we were concerned because he looks so young. But, within 5 minutes of meeting him, we could tell he knew his stuff. We were impressed that he would work 10 hour days and how tansparent he was with his prices, and didn't try to sell us on stuff we didn't actually need. 10/10, would recommend :)

    • Trish M – La Jolla, CA

      As promised, we're working with J Brown Painting again to paint the exterior of our house. And couldn't be happier. :) Same nice, professional guy doing an exceptional job! It's hard to find a good painter in San Diego. Justin and his team are everything you'd want in a contractor: timely, friendly, dependable, and affordable. And clean! We worked with him to paint the interior of our old home, plus the kitchen cabinets and recently had him clean the windows of our new home. We plan to use him again to paint the inside and exterior of our new home soon too. Highly recommend!


    How long does cabinet painting take?
    It depends on how many cabinets you have and what their condition is, but generally painting kitchen cabinets takes anywhere from two days to a week. If the cabinets have physical damage, however, you’ll need to fix them up before painting, which could take a while.
    Do I need to clean my cabinets before painting them?
    Yes, you do. You can do this by mixing some dishwasher solution with water and gently washing the cabinets with a sponge or a washcloth. This gets rid of dirt and grime and helps you achieve a quality finish.
    How long will the cabinets take to dry?
    The paint can dry in just a matter of hours, but it could take up to a month to completely cure. Try to avoid scratching the cabinets as much as possible during this time.
    Is sanding important?
    Yes, it is. Sanding ensures you apply paint on a smooth and clean surface, helping you get a clean and smooth look.