Home improvement projects are the perfect way to give the dated aesthetic of your home a contemporary update.

Most home improvement projects, however, can easily cost up to thousands of dollars. And I’m not even factoring in the time it takes to be completed.

Remodeling the exterior of your home, for instance, could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000—and these estimates are on the conservative end.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper and easier way to give the exterior of your home a fresh new look, and that’s a painting project.

According to recent estimates, an exterior painting project can be completed for less than $4,000, which is significantly lower than other types of exterior home improvement projects.

In the mood for more good news? You can reduce these costs further by undertaking the project yourself!

That said, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Professional painters in San Diego, myself included, usually follow certain processes to get a smooth and clean finish across our projects. I want to share a few tips that we professionals hold close to our hearts 🙂 Good luck!

1. Pick the right paint

The exterior walls of your home need to withstand many environmental forces such as rain, heat, and dust, among other things. Interior paint won’t withstand these harsh conditions because it is not designed to be used on exterior walls.

You can increase the durability of your paint by picking products that are specifically made to withstand extreme weather and other environmental conditions.

As a professional painter, I suggest using acrylic or oil-based paint, which are both durable enough to withstand these elements and can give your home a nice, classy finish.

2. Use paint rollers for better coverage

Some people can paint whole houses with a paintbrush, but that’s a level of skill most people don’t have.

In my opinion, a paint roller is the perfect painting tool for beginners because it is easy to use and covers a large area in a short time. Be mindful when choosing your type of roller, though.

3. Mask your door frames, window frames, and electrical fixtures

Before you start painting, cover all your door and window frames on the outside with plastic covers and painter’s tape, as this will protect them and give you a clean line around the frames.

I also suggest covering up electrical fixtures to protect them from getting paint splotches all over. It will also save you plenty of cleanup time afterwards!

4. Sand your surfaces to prepare them for the paint

As with any other painting project, sanding your painting surface is an important step in the preparation process. Before sanding them, make sure you scrape off peeling paint to give your walls an even surface.

After that, wash your walls to get rid of any dust particles sticking to the surface as this will give your walls a smooth and clean finish.

5. Apply at least two coats of paint

I’ve heard many people say that one coat of paint is enough for their walls. Believe me when I say that one coat will NOT give you a professional finish in the end.

Painting professionals almost always slather a minimum of two coats to achieve a smooth, classy finish. Your exterior walls, however, might need more than two coats of paint, depending on the state of the surface.

Another expert tip: Let your paint dry between coats and sand it. It will make your next coat stick much better!

Follow these tips from professional painters in San Diego and transform how your home looks!

Painting your exterior walls is one of the easiest and the most inexpensive ways to improve how your home looks and to make it the envy of your neighbors!

The tips outlined in this post are used by many, if not all, professional painters in San Diego when they take on exterior painting jobs. It’s a great way to make your home look like a million bucks!

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