Everyone wants their home to stand out from the rest. 

While there are many options for us when it comes to making our homes unique, not all of them are practical or affordable. If you don’t want to dip into your nest egg just to change how your space looks and feels, giving your home an elegant exterior paint job may just do the trick!

An exterior paint job is a quicker, more practical alternative than changing the structure of your home. It completely transforms your sanctuary too 🙂 

In this post, I want to take a look at a few painting styles and color combinations you can try to give your home an elegant, timeless finish.

A neutral exterior

This is a painting style that avoids using bright colors and uses a light, neutral color palette instead. 

The best base color to use for this style is beige or even off-white, followed up by painting your trims in white and if you’d like to go all the way, painting your front door black. You can even paint your window shutters black to match your door.

This style will give your home a sophisticated look, reminiscent of traditional homes from the 1950s!

Using shades of brown

Similar to the neutral exterior, this style focuses on using shades of brown on your walls.

If this sounds like something you want to try, go with dark shades of brown—think something chocolate-colored. What I really like about this painting style is that it lets you try different color combinations without making your walls garish!

A popular color combination is a dark shade of brown as the base color for the sidings, followed by painting the trims white. Alternatively, you can even try using a light shade of brown for the base paint and a darker shade for the trims, doors, and shutters.

Another great color combination for this style is using a light shade of brown for the sidings, white for the trims, and then painting the window shutters and doors red. 

The black and white style

This technique was very popular for old, colonial-style homes; combining black and white for your walls tends to give your home a beautiful, vintage look. 

For this look, the sidings of your home should be painted in a shade of white, with the trims, window shutters, and doors painted in black. If you feel like black is too stark, you can even try a dark shade of grey for your trims.

It’s important to note that different shades of white look different when exposed to the sun. Before you start painting your home’s sidings, take a look and see how your chosen shade looks in the San Diego sun!

Give your home the blues

This style involves using shades of blue for your home. The trick, here, is to avoid using bright or dark shades of blue, like cyan or royal blue for the sidings, but to use very light shades like powder blue or even periwinkle. 

Paint your home’s sidings with a light powder blue and the trims with a slightly darker shade. The doors and window shutters can be painted in cyan or navy blue. 

If you want to include another color, I recommend using white for the sidings or trims. White harmonizes perfectly with blue and can give your home an elegant, fairy-tale-like appeal 🙂

Make your home the definition of grace and elegance with the right exterior painting styles

Giving your home an elegant new look doesn’t always mean having to spend thousands of dollars. 

Sometimes, just using the right paint and a clever combination of colors can achieve the same effect!

Before you get started on any of the painting styles I’ve described, make sure you pick the best exterior paint for your home 🙂

Good luck and have fun!