Your home’s interior will always benefit from a fresh coat of paint for a brand new look and perhaps, a renewed sense of peace and calm!

While a simple coat of paint works wonders, adding 3D wall paintings will go the extra mile, adding an entirely new dimension to your space 🙂 

There’s quite a range of 3D wall painting ideas you can pick from, from sceneries to abstract art, and almost any style you choose is likely to liven up your walls. 

While I know that not all of us have the artistic skill to create gorgeous paintings, I’ve picked a few of my favorite 3D wall painting ideas that are relatively easy to create—if you follow the instructions patiently! 

Prepping your wall

First thing’s first—give your wall a good cleaning. 

Mix a little dishwashing liquid with some warm water, stir it thoroughly and use a sponge to scrub the wall to get rid of any dust or grime. Finally, take a dry cloth or towel and wipe it dry; your wall is now ready for a fabulous 3D painting!

3D bubbles

3D bubbles

This simple 3D wall painting will give your home’s interior a beautiful underwater aesthetic and can instill a sense of calm in your interior.

Once you’ve painted the background color, use a crushed sheet of paper dipped in white paint to create an artsy backdrop to your bubbles. 

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to paint the bubbles! Use black spray paint to make circular marks on the wall; these marks will act as “shadows” for your bubbles. 

Now take a piece of cardboard and make a stencil of a circle for the bubble. Placing the stencil on the wall with the bottom edge of the bubble touching the “shadows” you made earlier, spray the upper hemisphere black, and then do the same with the bottom hemisphere but in white.

Add some highlights in white, and it’s done!

3D cube walls

3D cubed walls

A more contemporary 3D wall painting idea is to use equally sized cubes to give your interior walls an abstract, modern look.

Making a 3D cube wall painting sounds easy, but it can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

The first thing you need to do is decide how big the cubes will be, then, using some tape, make horizontal rows of diamond shapes that run parallel to each other—these will act as a stencil, and these diamond shapes will be the tops of the cubes.

Paint inside the diamond shapes, staying within the borders of the tape, and once dried, remove the tape. 

Now that you’ve got the tops done, it’s time to create the sides. Use painter’s tape to mark the sides of the cube and paint in the sides using a different color paint (for the best result, try using a darker color like black or grey for the tops and red or yellow for the sides). 

Remove the tape, make the finishing touches, and you’re done!

3D brick wall 

3D brick wall

Try creating this 3D brick wall for an industrial look in your home!

For this 3D wall painting idea, I recommend painting your wall in a dark color first, black being your best option (dark blue and red is great too), and stick painter’s tape vertically and then horizontally to create a check pattern. 

Ensure the rows and columns are 5” in width. Then remove the horizontal tape from every other column, thereby creating a brick pattern. 

Now take a piece of cardboard and cut out a stencil of the brick, which needs to be identical in size to the ones you created on the wall; each brick will be around 5×10 inches. 

Frame each “brick” by placing the stencil on the wall, and using spray paint (white paint is best for this part), shade the top area. 

Repeat this step for each brick and you’re done!

Explore 3D wall painting ideas to create a unique look inside your home!

3D wall paintings are a beautiful way to give your space a new look.

Just remember that these painting techniques will need the right paint to bring them to life, so consider speaking to professional painters in your area if you’re looking for a more professional finish!