If your kitchen cabinets are in good physical condition but look like they could be spruced up, a fresh coat of paint could do wonders to revamp the appearance of your cabinets and your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet painting is an affordable and quick way to make them look good as new without spending a fortune on replacing your cabinets completely, and hiring a professional cabinet painter for the job can ensure a perfect and durable finish.

A professional will also make sure that your kitchen cabinets are attended to during favorable weather conditions so that the quality and durability of the paint finish aren’t negatively affected. Here are a few tips about the best time to begin a cabinet painting project.

1. Begin the project during late fall or the winter months

While you may think the most suitable season to start painting your kitchen cabinets is during the summer, most experts would suggest that you begin a cabinet painting project during the colder months.

Summer months are when the humidity levels in the air are at their highest. Kitchen cabinet painting during the summer means that you’re likely to notice visible cracks in the paint. This is very prominent on wooden cabinets as the wood expands due to the humidity.

Try painting your cabinets during late fall, winter, or even early spring; when there’s little to no humidity to prevent your cabinets from expanding and shrinking—which can mess up your paint job.

2. Assess the material of your cabinets

Before you begin to paint your kitchen cabinets, ensure that the primers and paints that are to be used suit the material that the cabinets are made out of.

Engineered wood, such as MDF, particle board, or plywood, isn’t typically affected by humidity or moisture like normal wood, so you won’t run the risk of cracked paint.

If your cabinets are made out of solid wood, always make sure to paint them during the colder months. If you’re unable to do so, make sure you have a dehumidifier running during the painting process to absorb any moisture in the air.

3. Keep an eye on the temperature

Have your thermostat at a steady temperature of around 68-72℉. If you need to change the temperature, make sure it’s done gradually, especially when painting wooden cabinets, so you don’t put too much stress on it.

Sudden temperature fluctuations can cause wooden cabinets to crack from stress due to rapid expansion and contraction.

If you want the paint on your kitchen cabinets to last, try to keep the humidity inside your home between 40 and 50%.

An expert’s checklist before painting kitchen cabinets

Hiring a contractor who specializes in kitchen cabinet painting will ensure the best painting techniques for kitchen cabinets are used to make them look good as new.

While prioritizing the weather and humidity conditions, an expert will also consider the following factors before starting a cabinet painting project:

  • Carrying out meticulous and thorough prep work
  • Removing all doors and shelving and labeling them before painting
  • Upgrading any damaged cabinet doors, drawer pulls, or knobs if required

Hire the experts in San Diego for your next kitchen cabinet painting project

If you’re trying to find the right kitchen cabinet painters for your home in San Diego, contact your preferred local painting contractors who have a good reputation when it comes to painting cabinets.

A professional will ensure to follow a methodical approach to prep and paint your kitchen cabinets and offer you any additional advice regarding the best time that the cabinets should be painted as well as how to retain the appearance of newly painted cabinets.

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