What better way to welcome the new year than by giving your home a little pep in its step? 🙂

With endless agendas and last-minute shopping lists to cross off, it’s easy to catch yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with how to renovate or repaint your home. 

From my personal experience, I’ve come to learn that making a personalized checklist of what you envision your home to look like is a great way to get the ball rolling 🙂

Here are a few things to help you gain a little insight into creating your own.

Choose your color palette 

Whether it’s going for a completely fresh look or adding a little twinkle to your home, you may want to finalize a color palette before getting started. 

While it’s quite natural to get carried away with making one room stand out, the best practice would be to develop a cohesive palette that allows your colors to flow from one space to the next. 

A helpful pro tip I’d offer if you’re at a crossroads with choosing the perfect color scheme is to start with colors that best reflect their personalities!

Also, when it comes to choosing your primary color, try to compliment the accessories and furniture in your rooms, as this color will be the backdrop that ties everything together. 

Add an accent wall 

In my opinion, a simple cheat code that is effective and helps add more depth to your space is propping up an accent wall.

Not only do accent walls become the centerpiece of your home, but they also help create the illusion of additional space!

Much of the beauty that accent walls offer is the contrast that brings about a surreal balance to any room—not to mention that this is a budget-friendly job for anyone looking to add that quick wow factor to spice up their homes. 

If you’re aiming to keep your rooms looking spacious and simple, staying away from the overuse of busy and cluttered patterns on your accent walls might be the best way to go 🙂

Prioritize the rooms that matter  

With the hustle and bustle of the season’s end, most homeowners look for easy, cost-effective ways to manage the time crunch that comes with all the festivities. 

The best part of repainting your home during the holiday season is that you don’t have to paint every single room; focusing on rooms that matter the most is a great way to save up and still be able to add that spectacular charm to your home 🙂

Consider areas of the house that people normally tend to congregate in—these would usually be your living room, dining areas, and the kitchen—and use your best ideas in them. 

When it comes to interior painting, a general rule of thumb is to jot down the order of the rooms you want to finish off first. This helps you plan better and leave your guests blown away!

Refresh your cabinets 

Cabinet painting is one of those jobs we professionals consider a great and simple way to add a refreshing touch to your place. 

Most often, many people look to paint every inch of their homes. Instead, you can save a few bucks and give your home a fresh look by just touching up those cabinets. It can also allow you the flexibility to customize your interior design to your heart’s content.

Get creative with your interior painting 

While the options may seem endless, an interior paint job allows you to explore all your desires when it comes to making your sanctuary look the part.

If you’re looking to get into the festive mode with a fresh new paint job, creating an interior painting checklist that includes the tips discussed above might be a good place to start.

For additional advice feel free to get in touch with the pros 🙂

Have a very happy holiday season!