The color indigo has a history as rich as the color itself. Historically, indigo dye was extracted from plants and was considered a prized possession in Europe. The fabrics containing indigo dyes were considered a luxury.

Even today, adding indigo to any room gives it a regal and decadent new look.

Indigo for a modern look

The color indigo is a perfect blend of blue and violet. It manages to be rich and bright at the same time.

It is also extremely versatile, which is why it is used to depict an array of different styles and emotions.

Interior walls painted indigo manifests a relaxed, whimsical, and romantic feeling. Painting the living room with shades of indigo is believed to impart positive energy. It relaxes the mind and calms the soul. Pairing indigo with white can also give your home a fresh new look that makes it stand out.

Things to do with indigo

Being a popular color over the years, some things work wonders when matched with indigo.

It all depends on which shades of indigo you use and how you use them. Some of the dos with indigo are:

  • Indigo works best on the walls of cozy spaces such as in libraries and media rooms.
  • In the coastal area of San Diego, indigo is a fun color to use on an accent wall. It provides a splash of personality to the room.
  • Mixing indigo with bold and bright colors adds great energy to a room.
  • Pairing indigo with blue and white accessories adds a touch of class in the right spaces.
  • Indigo, when matched with soft colors can bring a classic look. For a modern touch, pair indigo with brighter and bolder colors.
  • Don’t be scared of experimenting with the color indigo. Since the color is very versatile, it can be used almost anywhere to add a classic touch to the environment.

Combinations of indigo

Indigo opens up a vast number of possibilities. It can be paired with almost any other color to add different styles and energies to the room. Some of the best combinations for indigo are:

  • White. It is as versatile as indigo. The combination of these two colors is one of the most classic combinations and works really well to create a modern look.
  • Yellow and blue, is the classic French combo. Yellow warms up the cool touch of indigo. Also, the combination of yellow with indigo creates a very gentle atmosphere.
  • Pair red with indigo for a bold combination in living rooms and dining rooms. It looks luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Pairing orange with indigo may seem like a bold choice. When paired with the right shade of indigo, however, orange is a fun way to add a pop of brightness to your home.
  • Bright green pairs well with dark shades of indigo. It’s one of the best combinations of colors to add a modern look.