Bettering the appearance of a hotel’s interior design is one of the most effective ways to increase an establishment’s appeal. There are various ways to uplift a hotel’s interior—one of them being repainting.

Repainting is an affordable way to instantly enhance the interior of an establishment that’s constantly busy. As a hotel owner or manager, you would want to make sure that your guests have a pleasant experience, and creating an appealing ambiance can add to the overall experience of your guests. 

Whether you’re starting up a hotel business or you’re a seasoned manager of a hotel looking to learn about hotel painting in San Diego, consider the following unique hotel painting ideas to uplift the ambiance and energy of the hotel.

1. Add an accent wall

Adding an accent wall can make the biggest difference regardless of the structure of the building or its existing layout.

An accent wall can instantly create a new sense of energy in any bare space. If you notice a wall space that seems to be devoid of character, consider using a single, contrasting shade to eliminate the dullness.

Including an accent wall when carrying out the hotel painting project, with a color that’s on brand with the hotel’s color scheme, can create a more welcoming atmosphere.

2. Set the mood with color

Consider your guests’ emotions for this idea. Think about how you’d want your guests to feel when they’re settled into their hotel rooms, or lounging in various parts of the hotel.

Dark colors may appeal to a hotel that wants to provide its guests with a more high-end experience. Light bluish grays and forest greens exude a sense of calm that most guests look for during their stay.

Make sure to be careful when selecting the color scheme of the hotel rooms as this will determine the guests’ mood that will be reflected. Your painting contractor’s expertise and input will help here as well.

3. Keep it neutral

This is the safest choice when painting the rooms or lounging spaces of a hotel as it’s difficult to go wrong with such a color scheme.

Colors such as off-white, grey, and beige are the perfect neutral shades to create a balanced and calming environment.

Neutrals are a great choice as they blend in seamlessly with other colors as well as uphold the minimalist vibe that’s favored by most guests.

4. Stay away from the trends

Upgrading the appearance of a hotel is challenging, especially with new trends. Instead of following the latest fads, stick with the hotel’s original theme when repainting.

Remember that the theme of the hotel is different from the brand, which is why it’s not mandatory to stick to the colors of the hotel logo to create a design that’s unique and timeless.

To achieve that timeless look by staying away from trends, choose earthy tones. Earthy tones are relaxing and will never go out of style. They are classic colors that make sure frequent maintenance isn’t required.

5. Include a variety of designs

Guests love taking pictures when they’re on holiday. Hotel lobbies are a common setting for guests to snap a few pictures, so utilizing multiple blank walls in hotel lobby areas as accent walls, as mentioned above, is an effective and aesthetic decision.

On a vibrant aqua wall, green abstract palm fronds being drawn using a stencil is one way to add some character to your hotel and will undoubtedly be a hit among your guests.

You can check with your painting contractor about the other designs available. A good painting company will suggest designs specific to the hotel’s theme to ensure the hotel painting project has a cohesive look.

6. Experiment with texture

Wall paint texture can immediately enhance any space. Creating new patterns on walls not only elevates the ambiance of the hotel but can also help your establishment stand out from the competition.

Gold paint textures can make a room look brighter in an instant, especially if there’s enough natural light to reflect off the paint.

If you want to consider a total revamp of the hotel’s exterior look, a unique color scheme can help as well. Here, your painting contractor can offer some good recommendations. 

Hire San Diego’s hotel painting experts

San Diego is home to painting contractors who specialize in uplifting a hotel space by repainting or revamping it and will always guarantee a perfect finish, just how you envisioned it.

Hiring commercial painters in San Diego can be a daunting task, so make sure you do your research and contact your options before letting a contractor undertake the project.

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