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    Kitchen cabinet painting in San Diego; an inexpensive way to elevate your kitchen.

    Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you spend time eating, cooking, and bonding with your loved ones.

    It’s also one of the places that see the most wear and tear given that there is something or the other going on in the kitchen all day.

    Fortunately, there is an inexpensive (and effective) way to bring back the lost shine to your kitchen, and that’s cabinet painting!

    Compared to other home improvement projects, which often cost up to thousands of dollars, cabinet painting in San Diego can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen with just a few hundred bucks!

    Is cabinet painting easy?

    Although cabinet painting is an inexpensive way to boost the look of your tired kitchen, you may have to get past a few challenges to get the best possible finish!

    Damaged cabinetry

    No cabinet starts broken. Of all the rooms in your home, however, the kitchen may be your most worn-out space—and you can often tell when you take a look at the cabinets. If they’re not hanging on one hinge, there tends to be noticeable damage.


    Due to the experimental cooking you may be doing in the kitchen, your cabinets might become dirty with stubborn stains and smoke. Even the best-maintained kitchens are not exempt from this problem
    Smoke and stains can even spoil the look of your kitchen after a paint job!

    Chipped or peeling paint

    Chipped or peeling paint is a common problem for almost all wooden surfaces. Kitchens, however, are some of the worst affected due to all the heat, stains, and smoke.
    If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, strip off the existing paint before you get started to achieve a high-quality finish.

    Preparing your cabinets for painting

    If there’s only minimal damage to your cabinetry, you can get around it by sanding down the imperfections with high-grit sandpaper.

    Peeling and chipped paint can also be removed using the same method. Any extensive damage to the cabinetry, however, may require replacements.

    To get rid of stains and smoke, use a regular cleaning solution to cut through them. You can also remove cabinet doors and hinges to avoid damage and to help you paint the inside more easily.

    Here’s a pro tip: Apply wood primer before you start painting to achieve a high-quality finish!

    Once all the prep work is done, start by painting the cabinet doors and move on to other areas. This will give you enough time for the paint to dry.

    In most of our projects, we get the desired look our clients want by only using two coats of paint. Unless your cabinets are in less-than-ideal shape, you can try the same tip for an awesome finish!

    Choose J Brown Painting for stress-free cabinet painting in San Diego!

    At J Brown Painting, we offer professional cabinet painting services along with our range of residential painting services.

    As professional painters, our primary goal is to provide you with a stress-free painting experience, regardless of the size or value of the project.

    Our owner, Justin, maintains an unparalleled line of communication with all our clients from start to finish. He’s also on-site for all our projects, ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with accurate quotes.

    When we work together, you get the skills of a big company but with the feel and personal touch of a small company!

    We only ask for a 10% payment upfront and only collect the rest if you are satisfied with our work.

    What our customers say

    • Michelle B - Mission Beach, CA

      “Justin has worked on my home, my sister’s, and my next door neighbor’s! We all had a fantastic experience. Best painting company in San Diego”

    • Rebecca B – Pacific Beach, CA

      You can stop searching, Justin at J Brown Painting is your go-to guy for anything house painting, window washing, power washing, stucco patching, and even gutter cleaning. We've used him for literally all of these services! At first, we were concerned because he looks so young. But, within 5 minutes of meeting him, we could tell he knew his stuff. We were impressed that he would work 10 hour days and how tansparent he was with his prices, and didn't try to sell us on stuff we didn't actually need. 10/10, would recommend :)

    • Trish M – La Jolla, CA

      As promised, we're working with J Brown Painting again to paint the exterior of our house. And couldn't be happier. :) Same nice, professional guy doing an exceptional job! It's hard to find a good painter in San Diego. Justin and his team are everything you'd want in a contractor: timely, friendly, dependable, and affordable. And clean! We worked with him to paint the interior of our old home, plus the kitchen cabinets and recently had him clean the windows of our new home. We plan to use him again to paint the inside and exterior of our new home soon too. Highly recommend!

    Frequently asked questions

    Is it better to spray or brush paint kitchen cabinets?
    Both these options are great as they both guarantee high-quality finishes, but when it comes to choosing one, it will depend on what your preference is and what you feel comfortable using. We recommend that you go for spray painting if: 
    • You have a steady arm and have experience using a spray gun
    • You’re working on a large scale project and need to complete it quickly
    • You have a lot of raised panels and areas that are hard to access
    Opt for brush painting if: 
    • You are working on small-scale projects 
    • You feel more confident using a brush 
    • You want precision
    What is the difference between cabinet paint and regular paint?
    A primary difference between latex paint (regular paint) and oil-based paint (cabinet paint) is the final texture and amount of drying time needed. With oil-based paints, you get a more resilient finish and better coverage over wood grain. It also makes your surfaces super easy to clean, but it takes longer to dry. Latex paint, on the other hand, dries quicker and has lower VOC levels, but if you will need extensive prepping to achieve a smooth finish.